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Cube - Grade 4 Math
1. Watch for the scene when the so called "Math Whiz" (Nicole DeBoer) figures out that the numbers have to be prime if a room has a trap.
2. The 1st number, 645, is obviously not a prime #, I learned that in grade 4. Any number that ends in a 5 or a 0 is divisible by 5. Yet, this College "Math Whiz" spends more than awhile thinking about it. I'm sure if she was that good in math, she'd remember her grade 4 math!!
3. The 2nd number, 372, is again, obviously not prime, yet she sits there and says, ", that's not prime"
Any idiot knows that all prime numbers are odd!!
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Contributed By: EbonyWhite on 03-09-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ofer writes:
Another problem - They say that if the number is a prime in the second power the room is dangerous. The math "genius" says that the possibilities are "astronomical"... Well, since the numbers have only 3 digits - the prime numbers possible are - 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29 and 31 - the correlating cubed numbers are - 1,4,9,25,49,121,169,289,361,529,841,961. That's it - that's really not that astronomical, and I didn't need the help of an Otistic guy to help me with it...
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ernst writes:
You say any idiot knows all primes are odd numbers. well in 4th grade I learned 2 is an even number and a prime
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Cole writes:
Also, how did they get through so many rooms using the 'prime numbers' theory? Once they figured out that the numbers were actually room numbers, wouldn't that have messed up their system?
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EbonyWhite writes:
Sorry, I forgot about 2. I just read this again, and I realized that I makes it out to seem that I dislike the movie. This is in fact the exact opposite of what I really think. I just find the slip-up in it funny, and felt I should subit it. In regard to Cole's comment, the only answer I can think up is that they are extremelly LUCKY. If they would've run into more traps they'd run out of people too soon, so the film-makers had to make them "lucky".
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Fluff writes:
Excuse me but I believe you are mistaken, she is in high school not college, and stress is always a "factor". And in answer to the question the numbers still relate to traps as well as give room positions. When they made the Cube, all they wood need to do is put a trap in every room whose position is marked by at least one prime coordinate.
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Peter Griffin writes:
Except For two..
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