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Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth - Magical Re-Growing Hand
About half way through the movie (maybe a little longer) when Joey is being chased by the cenobites she runs into a church for help and the priest runs up to help her, a few moments later Pinhead breaks through the door, the priest runs up to him holding a silver cross, Pinhead grabs a hold of the silver cross melting it, the boiling silver pours onto the priests hand dissolving it so there is only a bloody stump left, Pinhead then does his Jesus Christ impression and the priest is furious, he runs up to Pinhead screaming at him, and as he does we see a full shot of the priest, you can clearly see both hands in tact, not so much as a scratch on either of them, then as Pinhead put the piece of brain (or whatever it is) in the priests mouth declaring "this is my body....ect" Joey calls Pinhead and he drops the priest and as the priest hits the floor again you can clearly see both hands as he takes Pinheads brain out his mouth, maybe God has blessed him with the miracle of magical re-growing hands??
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Contributed By: Manics_fan on 08-06-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, Boneho Chane
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Deia_jazz writes:
#1 pinhead doesnt grab the cross he says "i shall not bow down to any graven image" and uses his mind powers to melt the cross thats 4-6 foot away in the priests hand. #2 its not pinheads brain its part of his body taken from his pectoral region thats cut open from his (cenobitation)(for people who wanna cry about that, all the cenobites have regions of there body thats ripped open and pinhead is the same) #3 the priests hand doesnt disolve he is clutchin the cross and the cross simple melts around his hand . BUT you are right the fact that the cross melted on his hand is not shown moments later when Pinhead is attacked by the priest.
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