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Matrix, The - Recoiless Gun?
When the Agents are firing at Neo in the helicopter, watch the gun of the Agent on the right. When he is supposedly firing it, the slide on the gun never goes back.
The gun's not actually firing, the muzzle blast was added afterwards.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-09-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Napoleon writes:
wow. some people know things about guns, and others don't. The gun is a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, eight shot clip, with a somewhat unique slide. the whole top half of the barrel does not slide back, just the back half, so as not to compromise the Desert Eagle's trademark triangular barrel.
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BugBomB writes:
The Desert Eagle is a very powerful gun. To absorb the momentum transferred to the gun after firing the round (Newton III) the gun is very heavy, reducing it's acceleration (F=m*a). If the entire top of the gun moved, like the slide on most semi-automatics, then the barrel would kick up a lot more making the gun very inaccurate. The weight of the triangular section at the front of the gun helps to keep it steady while firing. All of this discussion is of course UTTERLY POINTLESS! Think about it. You've got an intelligence at work capable of building and running the Matrix. It could easily tweak the physics engine to it's own needs as it went along, thus making recoil and reloading irrelevant!
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De_boyz writes:
its obvious! the gun freed its mind then... just kidding. :) Actually, in one of the Matrix chats at the website, I asked one of the directors if they added gunfire to guns that weren't being shot in two places ( the place u mentioned, and the rooftop scene when neo dodges bullets. They did, because it would have been too much effort and time to film it with them firing the gun. The instance u describe took too long too set up and execute to have done another take.
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Wicked writes:
Actually the Desert Eagle comes in both .44 magnum and .50.The .44 has a 8 shot clip and the .50 has a 7 shot
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Ktulu writes:
Who the hell cares?
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Mykross writes:
Okay guys, have any of you actually seen a DEP .50AE other than in the movies? Check this out: The DEP is available in several models; these include: MarkVII, available in .44, .357, and .41(limited run), and the MarkXIX, available in .44, .440Corbon, .357, and the .50AE. the barrel itself does not move during firing. For a halfway decent demo go to and you will see the weapon being fired.
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NINJA_RYDR writes:
Napoleon, the barrel is not triangular, just the frame and slide. the barrel it's self is round.
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FribbleGritz writes:
Actually, there is a special tube in the chamber that takes a small quantity of exhaust gases and uses them recoil the slide.
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Dark Smurf writes:
What does recoil have to do with any of this?
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JamesBondWannabe writes:
Dark Smurf, when this type of gun fires, the bullet goes forward, and the shell is pushed backwards, causing the gun to kick up, and the slide to go back, which loads the next round, thus making it a semi-automatic pistol.
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dookie_man writes:
Napoleon is correct, except for the fact that the gun is a Desert Eagle, with 8 shells in the clip, 1 up the pipe.
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Samurai3000 writes:
The desert eagle doesn't fire a .44 magnum rnd and it's clip only holds 7 rounds...and one in the barrel. The desert eagle fires a 50 caliber rnd. It is the only non-revolver pistol to fire such a large rnd.
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Dark Smurf writes:
oh. maybe the agents can control aspects of their gun like slug direction, muzzle flare etc.
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