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Matrix, The - Microsoft Matrix 2.0
Near the beginning when Neo was at his computer searching for Morpheus, Trinity contacts him. Neo thinks it's a glitch or something, so he hits escape, then tries control x. When he does, look at the key next to the control button. You may need to use slow-mo on your VCR if you don't know where you're supposed to be looking. Anyway, the key next to the control key is completely and mysteriously white. The reason: it's a Microsoft keyboard, complete with the Windows key. They forgot to get a plain, generic keyboard when making the movie, so they just covered it with tape or painted over it.
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Contributed By: SKiRgE on 03-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Overdrive writes:
Perhaps the Windows logo had been removed by Neo himself? It is a fact that many geeks dislike Windows, perhaps Neo just didn't feel like looking at that damn little window anymore. I know I don't (I have a Linux keyboard, with tux on those keys instead ;) )
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Nick writes:
I think it's probably been removed as it is a registered trademark of Microsoft - the producers either didn't want to pay for using it, or Microsoft didn't want for some reason to have it in the movie, or the producers didn't want Microsoft getting a free product placement in their movie.
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urabutthead writes:
Or (this will sound really stupid, but oh well) he really loves Windows, and has pressed that button so much it has worn away. On our old keyboard enter and shift and a few vowels were completly gone.
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SKiRgE writes:
yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying! If they didn't want to worry about giving Microsoft any placement in the movie, they why the hell didn't they just use a plain, generic keyboard!?!??!?!
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Matt writes:
Most techs in the movie production field, are very anti-Microsoft, this is probably the real-reason.
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SKiRgE writes:
Yeah, well... never thought of that. But the windows logo had been removed completely, without any signs of a person doing it. I mean, if he painted it, there would be some discoloration or something; if he grinded it off, you'd see some scratches...
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iloveurmom writes:
U can buy blank key to cover keys up i know because i'm a star wars frank and i bought those keys and covered my whole keyboard then put it in imperial letters
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Scruffy writes:
In real life they proberly did paint it white. but in the matrix you have to realise that neo is a sad twat and maybe he finds it fun to paint a key on the keyboard white
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SublimePunk writes:
He might of been anti windows or maybe they didnt want the product placement in the film also.... generic keyboards have the windows button.
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defroth writes:
Remember, Neo is a hacker. They tend to dislike Windows. Maybe he got the keyboard from where he works?
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