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Simpsons - See Maggie Before Birth!
On the episode "And Maggie Makes Three", when Marge informs Homer that another new baby is on the way (Maggie), in the background you can see a photo of Maggie hanging on the wall.
They knew her birth was coming all along!
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Special Requirements: Simpsons Episode "And Maggie Makes Three"
Contributed By: lukehutton on 03-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Angel writes:
it COULD have been a baby pic. of Lisa, they all look the same as babies
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lukehutton writes:
Thanks everybody for the big response to this slip-up. As most people know, cartoons are made up of layers, you know, the characters, then the furniture, then the background setting. Instead of always re-drawing everything, a "library" of sets, in this case the walls of the house are always re-used, so it will always use the same pictures etc. in the background. Kinda logical, huh? But, for episodes set in the past, it means 'future' sets are still being used. A good point was a comment I saw, that Santa Little's Helper was in that episode. Well noticed! coolkid
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Scolman writes:
Hey guys, I think there is a bigger slip up here that darcy_monkey sort of touched on. In the episode that he refers to above, Marge tells Homer that she is pregnant then he runs upstairs screaming. Now here's the problem. Homer and Marge where never in the house they live in before Bart was born!!!!! They only moved there when Marge was having Lisa. When Bart was born, they where living in a flat. No wonder they stuffed up with the pic of Maggie before she was born, the animators where just being lazy.
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lukehutton writes:
Well, according to the episode 'Lisa's First Word', Lisa never wore the blue dress that Maggie wore, so it is obviously a set background the producers forgot to change.
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BBran writes:
There are also multiple stories about Homer finding out that Bart is on the way In the episode mentioned above, Homer runs up the stairs ripping out his hair. But in another episode, when Homer finds out Bart was conceived in the Mini-Golf castle he takes a paper from Dr. Hibbard entitled "So you've ruined your life."
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vonbontee writes:
Another question in this vein: Who in heck are the white family on Dr. Hibbert's wall (visible in "Bart of Darkness" when he's on the exercycle)?! What's up with that? Did they come with the frame?
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darcy_monkey writes:
Another stuff up is when Homer finds out Marge is pregnant and screams and runs upstairs. He runs past the picture of maggie. When he is talking about when he found out about Bart and Lisa he runs past a baby picture of Lisa both times. Noticable by the face. It can't be Marge because she has/had blue hair.
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1234567890 writes:
Man give Matt Groeing a break.
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Summer_Night_ writes:
rebekah Aka ade is right, almost everything from the Simpsons is intentionally. Matt Groening wouldn't be that stupid. It's just his kind of humor
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silence1534 writes:
Also, there is an episode where Millhouse's parents get divorced and Homer is remembering how he and Marge ended up married. They are sitting in Doctor Hibbard's office when he tells them. They go get married, and their wedding cake is in the shape of a whale, which says,"Whale of a Wife." And in the episode where the TV breaks and Homer and Marge tell the kids the story of how Homer proposed, I think it's also a different story.
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mozart writes:
I've noticed that too, in that same episode we also see pictures of Bart and Lisa on the wall before they are born as well.
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MonkeyMan writes:
OK, think about it. If they took the time to actually change the settings for the different places the Simpsons lived, would you have really paid attention to it? NO! I also think it kinda adds to the humor in a way. Without a background change, you notice Homer and Marge full-on; but if the background DID change, you'd most likely pay attention to that a little more. I personally think it was intentional.
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Anake writes:
Plus, in the episode the family has Santa's Little Helper, but we know that the family did not get Santa's Little Helper until the actual first episode (Simpsons' Roasting on an Open Fire) when Maggie was already one.
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Minstrel writes:
The whole point of the scene is to show Homer's identical reaction to each pregnancy, and since it's infinitely unimportant WHERE they lived at the time, they decided to forego such niggling details.
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Rockin' Rudy writes:
I didn't realize that! Good eye! Matt Groening must have been stoned while writing that part (see eeggs/TV/shows/The Simpsons/Pot Leaf for more info).
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