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Forrest Gump - It was Hurricane Carmen -- not Camille
Just after Forrest goes to China for his Table Tennis Tourney and he meets the President again...
President Nixon then resigns as president. Nixon resigned in 1974. Then Forrest becomes a shrimp-boat captain and survives Hurricane Camille on his boat. Hurricane Camille happened in 1969.
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Contributed By: Diamond Lane on 03-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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LittleMamaKati writes:
Umm, it WAS 1974, right after Nixon resigned. It just wasn't Hurricane Camille. It was Hurricane CARMEN.
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Monkey writes:
It is Carmen (1974). Not only does it say Carmen quite clearly in the movie, very shortly after the storm, Forrest and Lt. Dan are watching news coverage of the attempted assassinations of Pres. Ford. Camille was in 1969, not during the Ford Administration. The movie depicts Pres. Nixon's resignation before the hurricane. In other words, not a slipup at all. As for Carmen's impact on Bayou-le-Batre, AL, I am not sure, but that was not the supposed slipup mentioned.
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Josh writes:
I just watched the DVD version .. and it says Hurricane Carmen, even in the English subtitles. However, since Louisiana was struck hard by Carmen, Bayou La Batre was about 230 miles from Carmen's eye at Fivemile Oaks, LA. Given that Carmen's size was about 400 miles in diameter and a Category 4 hurricane, it would inflict damage on Bayou La Batre, Alabama (also the northeastern region of any hurricane is the strongest area).
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LegalJosh writes:
I have just watched the movie again and it is definitely Hurricane Carmen. I don't know what this implies about the time-scale, however.
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jaeffe writes:
Forrest met both Johnson and Nixon. He met Johnson after he was shot, and he met Nixon after he was in the Ping-Pong Tournament.
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prfctsolar writes:
Hurricane Carmen was a Category 4 storm, the most intense hurricane of the 1974 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm lasted from August 29 to September 10, 1974. Carmen caused significant damage on the Yucat√°n Peninsula and in Louisiana, and was the most intense hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Camille in the 1969 season. The hurricane is also noted for the fact that it threatened two major population centers, but veered away from both at the last minute.
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jungle writes:
Hurricane Carmen did occur in 1974, but it made landfall on the central Louisiana coast. Hurricane Camille did also occur in 1969, but it did the same track as Katrina - Plaquemines, Eastern New Orleans, and the Mississippi gulf coast. Neither Hurricanes hit Alabama. You can find Hurricane archives back to 1958 @ the National Hurricane Center website I does not matter if it was Carmen or Camille, because neither actually occured in Alabama. Therefore, the movie is not accurate if Forest Gump was shrimping in Alabama.
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tiger221 writes:
Hurricane Carmen hit in June of 1972. I know, I was on my honeymoon in Beautiful Panama City, Florida. We had to evacuate the motel to the St. Andrew Elementary School. Robert Cain was the principal at that time. It was several days AFTER the Watergate break-in. And THAT little fishing expedition occured on June 17th, 1972. Thank you Frank Wills.
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Tim writes:
I was pretty sure that the president Forrest Gump met was Lyndon Johnson. He was president from 1963-1969 so therefore it makes sense that he was in Hurricane Camille.
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slforbes36564 writes:
I believe it was Hurricane Frederic. In 1979 Bayou La Batry Alabama took a direct hit from Frederic. It almost wiped out the fleet.
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HGM4Ever writes:
It is Hurricane Camille. It says very clearly on the movie, Camille, not Carmen. If you turn on the closed captioning it also says Camille. Carmen happened in the 80s.
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