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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Beam Through Cloak
Around the end, the captain of the Bird-Of-Prey beams up while the ship is under cloak. In episodes of Deep Space Nine, they say that they can't transport out or in when the U.S.S Defiant is cloaked.
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Special Requirements: A copy of TSFS
Contributed By: Dylan Rush on 03-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pos1al writes:
Fact: You cannot transport onto or off-of a cloaked ship because the cloaking device is a set of SHIELDS (everyone knows you cannot transport through shields) that bends light around the ship making it invisible to the naked eye. Problem: When this movie was produced the precedent had not been set that one cannot beam through shields. This rule was established later on during the Next Generation Series.
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Bigeye writes:
If I remember my star trek lore, the klingons got their cloaking technology from the romulans.
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Shawn writes:
Not necessarily. A cloaking device operates similarly to a set of shields, but will not actually shield the ship from an attack (which is why these ships are vulnerable). In the Defiant's case, it's simply a matter of the cloaking device drawing too much power to operate shields, weapons or transporters. The Klingons may have solved the problem of transporting while cloaked (and not shared it with the Romulans or the Federation).
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Klingon writes:
They did detect the Bird Of Prey for a second and the Defiant is not a collection of Klingon, Cardassian, and Federation technology.It was built by the Federation in light of the Borg threat.A cloaking device was loaned by the Romulans for it due to the Dominion threat.
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Dylan Rush writes:
The Defiant uses a Romulan cloaking device. The B-O-P has a Klingon cloaking device. Maybe you can beam through one, but not the other?
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Spruce Moose writes:
If you pay close attention to Checkov, you'll see that they did detect the bird of prey when the captain beamed up, but only for a split second.
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Phil writes:
He's right there. And what about the fact that Klingon and Federation ships would like totally use their power differently, and that the Defiant wasn't originally designed for a cloaking device?
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notbob writes:
If memory serves, The Defiant is several different races technology stuck together (Klingon, Federation, and Cardassian to name some notable ones) Couldn't this be a hardware/software problem?
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