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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Gollum's Hands...Or Human?!
1. Go to the scene where Gollum is being tortured. (sad part, i know)
2. Right as it starts zooming in on Gollum, look carefully at his hands. They are human!
3. As soon as the camera is on Gollum, his hands are changed back to Gollum.
4. I don't know whose hands they are, but probably Andy Serkis's, for he plays Gollum in the movie.
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Special Requirements: The Fellowship of the Ring movie, extended or normal
Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-07-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, ConCor
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heina writes:
I think that this person is right. Actually I know. They are talking about when he is getting the first one!!! (Fellowship of the Ring) Not when he finds the ring. It's when he is getting tortured and shouts shire baggins! NOT WHEN HE GRABS THE RING!!! This person is tlaking about him getting TORTURED! I'm sorry but I think most of you are mistaken. Anyways this person is a huge fan! Not just with their brain, but also with their heart.
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chrisQ writes:
Do you people enen understand what he is talking about? This is a scene in "The Fellowship of the Ring," the first movie, not the third. It is when Gollum is in Mordor, being tortured by Sauron's orcs, and he shouts out the words "Shire! . . .Baggins!"
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Mandy writes:
This happens in the scene where Smeagol is being tortured after he has been corrupted (sp?) by the ring and shouts 'Shire! Baggins!' this is not while he is still a hobbit, therefore he shouldn't have human hands, so yes, this is a slip up.
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LIV / ARWEN writes:
Hey guys i think that person means the part where gollum is being tortured not when deagol grabs the ring from the lake bed. But i watched the movie and this person is right the hands though they are hard to see are human but you might need some slow motion cause the hands are only visable for a short while.
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me writes:
if you look carefully the hands are slightly different colour than the close up, but they are definitely NOT human. the pads of the fingers are bigger than any human's i've seen! this part is in scene 8 on the theatrical version and the time is 32 minute and 7 seconds
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lol90 writes:
Wasn't Deagol his cousin? Am I wrong? Actually, I do believe this may be true...but then again, do you ever see enough of gollum's hands to be able to judge this? But, yes this is refering to a scene in the Fellowship, not Return of the King (the third movie).
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Kris writes:
First of all it wasn't his brother it was his best friend Deagol and you're talking about a totaly different scene. Trust me you don't know what you're talking about.
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Kim writes:
I think the part that they mean is when Gollum is being tortued by the 'Enemy', regarding the whereabouts of the Ring.
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Katana No Kage writes:
Technically he IS a hobbit since he can't necessarily become an animal or something. What else could you call him? But case in point, you could be just as stingy as to say "Look, look at Frodo's hands. Those are human hands" Duh, there's not much difference between a human and a Gollum hand. There's no actual proof as to what type of hand it is, so I don't really see how this is a slipup. NOTE: The part referred to is exactly 40 minutes and 3 seconds into the Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition. And after looking, those are definitely not human hands. In fact, they look more human in the Two Towers.
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redsox8109 writes:
Even though it shows you the reasoning for this human hand in Return of the makes sense even in the Fellowship of the Ring. Even if it was gollums hand it is showing WHEN HE FOUND the ring, when he first discovered it, he was a hobbit. so there is really no point in submitting this false slip-up.
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Kim Best writes:
Anyone who has seen the opening scene of 'Return of the King' knows this is not a slipup. The person grabbing the ring isn't even Gollum. It's his brother.
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