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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise Is Made of 2x4's!
In the scene where Mr. Spock is about to blast himself into V'ger's spaceship, Kirk exits the Enterprise, just in time to see his engine kick in... However, the folks on the editing room should have engaged their brains instead... In the shot of Kirk floating out of the airlock, look to the left (it's hard to miss, it takes up 1/2 of the danged screen!!!), where you see, instead of the Enterprise's hull, the soundstage, and wooden framwork of the airlock/set...
Considering how pan and scan was so popular (and misused), it's amazing they couldn't use it just this once, where it's actually NEEDED!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
the uncompleted scene
the uncompleted scene
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Special Requirements: Eyes, and extended edition of ST:TMP
Contributed By: NeuroManson on 03-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Double J writes:
I swear when I saw this I fell on the floor laughing...this has to be the single most blatant editing screw-up in history
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gerbil writes:
According to the Star Trek Communicator when the movie was put on video it was reedited (in fact, I think it says with extra footage). The people that edited it figured you would want to see that scene.
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MikeyB! writes:
Further, just to point another obvious thing about this scene, Kirk is in an all white spacesuit, yes? But when Spock emerges from Vejur's bowels, He's in a COMPLETELY different suit. So, what, he sees Spock blast off, goes back inside, unsuits and re-suits, and goes back out to catch Spock? Yeah, right! Heh. I said 'bowels.' 8^)
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STUDLY writes:
Man this is just simply ridiculous. When I watched this I had to rewind it in disbelief. I mean for crying out loud was this one obvious!
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Teego56 writes:
If you've watched the movie, you know that the Enterprise is in the process of being rebuilt and everything is torn up. Maybe that's part of it? That's what I thought when I saw this scene - it's too big a mistake for them to let through.
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John Bogen writes:
This scene is present only in the 1983 TV version, not in the 1979 Theatrical Version or 2001 The Director's Edition. It is not an editing mistake. It is simply a scene where the special effects were never completed. I have submitted a photo.
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Captain Kirk writes:
Considering that Paramount made millions and millions of $$Profit$$ from the Star Trek franchise, you would think that some executive would have approved finishing the special effects on this deleted scene before re-inserting it into the revised edition.
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Will G. writes:
Nice screen grab. I nearly forgot about this. I had the VHS copy and watched it dozens of times. Finally, I was watching it one night and just happened to pause it at this spot to freshen my drink. When I came back to resume, I did a dbl, triple and quadruple take. I couldn't believe how many times I had missed this. Particularly seeing how it must indeed be the most blatant goof ever.
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