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Digimon - Biyomon's 2 Beaks
1. Watch Digimon (since it's far superior to Pokemon in just about every way, there's no reason not to!)
2. Tune into the episode entitled, "THE DARK NETWORK OF ETEMON" (Episode 15)
3. When the Kids arrive at the village, start paying close attention when the welcoming feast begins (the kids are sitting together on the floor at the back of a red-floored room).
4. You might need to record this part with a VCR, and play the scene back in slow-motion, as it happens very quickly.
5. When Biyomon and Palmon are sitting next to each other on the floor and talking, a Pagumon walks by.
6. After the Pagumon passes Biyomon, look closely (try to pause the tape here).
7. Biyo has two beaks! And I think she has four eyes, too, but I'm not sure.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
The Digimon Adventure bloopers you guys posted? Yeah, none of them are real except for this one. I checked.
The Digimon Adventure bloopers you guys posted? Yeah, none of them are real except for this one. I checked.
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Special Requirements: The 15th Episode of Digimon; sharp eyes; a VCR with a frame-by-frame featureis strongly recommended
Contributed By: Mike Deckard on 02-29-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pinkachu writes:
okay, let me get this straight, it's not about the slip-up, it's about poke vs digi, since pokemon arrived in U.S. first and made a gigantic hit, nearly everyone is into pokemon, during that time, I was bugging by parents to buy a gameboy,(actually I downloaded a gameboy from Internet) and once I beat the game, I called out in relief, "I finally become a pokemon master" you have to say that that time pokemon is just too big hit, then there's digimon, the first I saw digimon, like some of my friends, I thinks digimon is just a copying of pokemon, Greymon is copy of charmeleon, Birdramon is copy of Moltres, and Zudomon is copy of Blastoise, then after I watched couple of episodes, I begin to liked it, it was in the Myotismon story arc, couple of episodes before the dark masters, the best parts, and I couldn't wait till next time, and right now I am both pokemon and digimon fan, in pokemon and digimon, I nearly knows everything, so you kids out there, watch it and prove it first before you judge something, because you might misjudged it, and miss all the cool parts, and right now I found out that pokemon and digimon is from different companys, pokemon is from ninetendo and digimon is from bandai, and also I found out that digimon came out actually before pokemon and it came from tamagochies, so now I don't blame any of them.........
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@ssKicker writes:
I love Digital Monsters too, and I never miss an episode. Used to be the same with PokéMon, but now PokéMon be boring-e in the extreme-th. So STOP-PE watching-e PokéMon and change-th the channel-e. Get thine ass over to the Digital Monsters channel-e. Sorry about speaking in "old-e world-e", but PokéMon is now so old, I thought I had to...
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Pinkachu writes:
hey! WaySarcastic! you know that seadramon is like this : Sea(lives mostly in seas) Dramon(most of the dragon like digimon ending ex. Airdramon, machinedramon, Megadramon, gigadramon, birdramon).... got it now!
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Bibs writes:
Some Digimon's names are the same in Japanese, some aren't. But Seadra and Seadramon are both called the same in Japanese. (Actually, they're called Shiidora and Shiidoramon, but still...) They're both corruptions of "Sea Dragon".
16 of 23 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Pinkachu writes:
Hey! pocket monsters (I use pocket monsters for spelling) and digital monsters (again, for spelling) are nothing the same, pocket monsters has 4 characters, (which is amazing that they made a huge hit with only four characters), but digital monsters has more that 7 (a team of them), in pocket monsters, pocket monsters is known by their cute and loyalty (kind of like a pet) and in digital monsters, digital monsters are known for their strong and friendly (kind of like a friend) and evolving and digivolving are nothing the same, they couldn't copy each other, because the word "evolve" had come long, long, long, long, time before pocket monsters and digital monster came out, the show and the game is like the only things for me, (or online surfing about them) and I like both shows, they're cool! and I don't agree that they copy each other, because if they do, why don't digital monsters just on kids WB instead of Fox kids?
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Bibs writes:
What do you mean? How could every Digimon look like a Pokemon if there's only 251 Pokemon and at least 500 Digimon? But, you're right, there are some Pokemon that resemble Digimon. Snaimon looks like Strike (Scyther) for example.
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@ssKicker writes:
This must be two overlapped frames if the only thing that changes is Biyomon. Was something wrong with the Pagumon too? (I like Pagumon, but their stupid rhyming speech bugs me.)
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T-zone writes:
Okay, okay, Pokémon is a bit old, but who cares? Pinkachu, if you really know everything about Pokémon and Digimon, e-mail me at [email protected]. G2G. Cya.
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the webmaster writes:
If you want to talk about this more, please go to the Discussion board, which is a better forum for this kind of talk.
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Gobrianna writes:
*laughs* This is really funny. Everyone should try it and see. She looks hlarious with two beaks!
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Hey WaySarcastic!!! If you hate digimon so uch why are you in the Digimon Bloopers?
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Jonas Quimby writes:
Hey t-zone, not every anime thing is the same! If you're going to try to make a point, try to get a little more info! I bet you have never even seen stuff like galaxy rangers!
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T-zone writes:
If all the Pokemon people like Mars Gou would look at this, they would HATE mikeyon-line.
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@ssKicker writes:
It's great to see that someone else agrees with me! A lot of Digimon have a PokéMon counterpart. Greymon SOUNDS like Charmeleon too! BTW, I've heard many different pronunciations of Charmeleon: Char-me-LIN, Char-melon, Char-MEE-Len... the list is endless! But remember, it's Char-MEE-LEE-on.
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n-zyme writes:
Actually, Digimon is not only copying Pokemon (card game, etc.), but is leeching their popularity. Before Pokemon's fame, Digimon was just a Tamagotchi with different pictures. Nobody had even heard of it, and Bandai had blown it off until Pokemon became popular. Besides, who cares about the TV shows? When it comes down to the software, it's like Final Fantasy I versus Giga Pets. Pokemon is original, and anything else is a shallow rip-off. (Ya hear that, Monster Rancher?)
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T-zone writes:
Yeah, well, that's those screwy Japanese for ya. Always copying off one another. Has anyone noticed that every Anime show is related to another in some way? Like Speedracer and Pokémon. Ash and Speedracer are very similar. And there is a mysterious person in each one, like Racer X and Giovanni. My point is, lots of Anime shows seem like other Anime shows. That's not unusual for Japanese. It's just unusual for us because here, every cartoon is different. In Japan, they're all pretty much the same. Get it? O_O --------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's the §.
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WaySarcastic writes:
There was a big Digi vs. Poke argument here. Most Pokemon people hadn't seen Digimon and just hated it for copying off Pokemon, but my sister loves the show and watches it all the time. Yuck... Hey, are the Digimons' names the same in Japanese? Because if not...Seadra came before Seadramon...Duh duh DUH! (I know it's supposed to be like Sea Dragon or something, but I hate Digimon w/a passion.)
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@ssKicker writes:
Do you notice that every Digimon looks like a Pokemon? Gabumon/Arcanine, Palmon/Vileplume, Agumon/Charmander!
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