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Day After Tomorrow - Fire but No Smoke?
At the end of the movie, Dennis Quaid and his partner are trekking to New York to find his son (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his friends. When they get there, they check the GPS tracking system and find that they are right over the library where Dennis' son should be. They are concerned because the land is now snow and ice and they fear that the kids have frozen to death. They don't know that the kids have been surviving by keeping warm next to a fire they have built in an upstairs room of the library. If Dennis Quaid and his partner were standing above (or anywhere near) the library, wouldn't they have been able to see the smoke from the fireplace?
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Contributed By: quiet observer on 06-09-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
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Ace writes:
I was just logging on to post the same comment! Pretty obvious I thought, since the fire was such a focus of their survival and was going so well, there should have been a good stream of smoke. I can only guess the film-makers wanted to leave us in suspence as to whether their fire had survived the freezing and if his son & co were still alive?
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US Grant writes:
Actually there was no chimney because they were trying to keep the heat in.
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Davo writes:
There WAS a scene where there was smoke coming out of the chimney, but the smoke was DELIBERATELY digitally removed to increase the plot.
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Kristy writes:
actually there is a chimney because it shows Jake's character open it up once they first got in the room to make sure it still works. and i swear i saw a chimney with smoke coming out when i saw it at the theatre but when i saw it on dvd it wasn't there.
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ScottyB writes:
Earlier in the film, when Sam and the others enter the upstairs room, you can clearly see Sam open the flue - open the chimney - of the fireplace; you see a small drift of snow/soot drift down.
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Blackbird writes:
The kids seemed to be using mostly paper and light woods as fuels for the fire - books and that rather ugly wicker furniture. Even under normal circumstances, those fuels won't generate much smoke. Further, as the air cools and freezes, smoke isn't as ready visible from materials that do not generate a high soot content. While a gas explosion will still produce clouds of thick black smoke, a fire like the one they had going in the library's study might not produce much visible smoke at all. Check out chimneys in your own neighborhood on a really icy day. If the houses use dry wood, and especially real firewood, you might not see much smoke at all.
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US Grant writes:
Actually, if you watch the commentary, it states that they were going to have the chimney but they took it out because the wanted to make more suspense. In other words, they wanted it like Jack didn't know if he was alive.
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