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Saving Private Ryan - General Slip Ups Noticed
1) this is probably one of the worst mistakes in film history, near the beginning of the 8 man rescue, there is a scene of the men walking in a field, if you count there are 8, when Vin Diesel is shot there is another scene just like it (actually it is the same scene because you can see a farmhouse that was in the shot in both scene's) and there is still 8 men
2) The last battle scene were they are defending the bridge, the sniper apparently sees two Tiger tanks, the date is June 13, 1944 (D-Day+7) there was not a single tiger tank 100 miles within Normandy for the first month.
3) Also near the beginning Pvt. Rieben is complaining about saving Ryan, well if you look closely they are all grouped together, that would not happen, they would all keep a distance because a MG-42 or a mortar round could take them all out.
4) I'm not 100% sure but in the D-Day landing, it said Dog Green Sector, well I'm pretty sure that that wave was not the first and Tom says "1st wave ineffective"
5) at the end when the tank is coming across the bridge and the P-51 blows it up you can see that there are no bomb or rocket racks on the wings, However, some P-51's did have armor piercing rounds, but it would have taken a lot, and you don't see a hell or a lot a bullets hitting it, although it coulve been a lucky shot.
6) the info on the tiger tanks is incorrect, miller jumps on the front and shoots into the looking hole at the front, this was reinforce glass, 6 inches of, could sop a high powered rifle shot at . blank. ideal for protecting the men inside. an american jumps on the top and opens the door, throws a grenade in and shuts it. the locking mechanism is on the inside for this very reason and would never have happened.
7) There were no reports of any American units challenging a Tiger tank, only the British sucessfully defeated a tiger tank.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-05-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
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samuraikatana7 writes:
For number 6, the paratrooper who threw a grenade in did not open the hatch of the tiger, the panzer crewman exiting the tank for air did. And after dropping the grenade inside, he didn't lock the hatch, he only closed it. Futhermore, for no.7, (i don't know what this has to do with the film, there were no armored battles in it) there actually are a great deal of instances where US armor clashed with german tigers: Operation Goodwood, Normandy 1944, Ardennes offensive, Belgium 1944-45, Operation Market Garden, Holland 1944.
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grandmasterB writes:
For number 4, I'm not sure about what time troops began landing at Dog Green Sector, but Hanks could have meant the first wave is ineffective for Dog Green Sector, not the rest of Omaha Beach. He would have no way of knowing what was happening on the rest of the beach.
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Gary Lynch writes:
For number 3, being grouped. During this scene military discipline is about to break down, so it's not surprising that good procedure breaks down as well.
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MattTheBrave writes:
number 6 is bs. the germans were producing tanks so fast they didnt have time or money to waste to put 6 inches of reinforced glass in that section. maybe 1 or two inches. definately not 6. easily broken by a thompson's 45. acp round.
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