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Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl) - "It's Hot!" but They Can't Feel!
When the pirates have just come to Elizabeth's town and they are chasing her in her house, she takes the pan with the hot coals and throws it on one of the pirates. He screams "It's hot!" But later in the movie, Captain Barbossa tells Elizabeth they can't feel anything.
Also, when Barbossa is putting Jack and Elizabeth on the desert island, he asks Elizabeth if he can have the dress back. She throws it to him and he says, "Mmm, it's still warm."
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Special Requirements: Pirates of the caribbean movie
Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-04-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
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Leigh writes:
You would think so, but if you watch carefully the only things the pirates react to is pain. If you just watch the movie and not process the plot this might confuse you but if you read between the lines you will discover the only thing they can feel is pain. i.e. when Will Turner throws the ax in the pirate's back at the beginning towards the end when the two pirates are dressed like ladies how when he hits him with the umbrella he says ow!and reacts to it. It is also hinted throughout the movie, how Barbosa describes all nice feeling things wind on face, spray of sea. Also when he is telling the tale to Elizabeth he tells how all of the things that made him happy and content were gone, food turned to ash, no pleasurble company slake our lust, ect.ect.
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Kourntey writes:
If you look very closly When the first guy says "Its hot, its hot, its burning" You see the other pirate (I cant recall his name) look at him as if to say "Stop joking around, I know you didnt feel it" And when Barbosa Says "Umm, its still warm" He turns to the other cursed pirates and laughs And if hes just being a smartalec
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silver_knight84 writes:
If you remember he was speaking more about emotions not sensations. They knew when they were shot or stabbed. Remeber the pirate in the streets with the bombs? I believe it was him who got an axe in the back. So they probably feel pain but it just doesnt deter them. Or it could have been all an act to catch them off guard and make them think they are winning when all of a sudden they come back and kick butt.
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MKT writes:
I thought it was just an impulse thing-like when you bang into something you say "Ouch!" even when you weren't really hurt, just because you were surprised-I thought it was the same kind of thing.
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belle writes:
This is a slip-up. We know that they cannot feel pain because in the end(ish) of the movie, to see if Elizabeth's blood worked, Barbosa shot one of the pirates, and the pirated looked up and said "you shot me!" And we know its not just emotion because when he was explaining the curse to Elizabeth, when all of the men were on deck at night and you could see their bones etc., Barbosa says "not even the cool spray of the ocean" so you know that it is actually feeling, and temperature, so when he says the ashes are hot, that is a slip-up. I think he was just joking around when he said that the dress was hot, though, because all of the other pirates laughed.
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coolgame writes:
When Elizabeth dumps the hot coals on the pirate he says it's hot because that is a natural reaction. You have to remember he was once able to feel. Captain Barbossa is making a joke when he says the dress is still warm. You can tell it's ment as a joke because all the pirates are laughing.
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chelsea writes:
When Captain Barbosa and Elizabeth confront each other and she asks to trade Will for the medallion, Captain Barbosa goes on to say that the whole ship and its crew were cursed and couldn't feel anything, it's a lie because the pirates can feel pain.
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Broadway writes:
The pirates also seem pretty reluctant to let people know about the maybe Pintel was just having some fun playing with her mind? Like he was saying you knocked me out...but I'm up again!
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queenxmab writes:
When barbossa says "i feel nothing" maybe he means emotional attacments to the warmth of the air etc.. and pintel is kind of wimpy.. and if you remember later in the movie one when jack and barbossa are swordfighting and will is fighting the other two pirates elizabeth shows up and says "if you like pain try wearing a corset" her and will ram that big pole through the two random pirates' chests and the bald one in front screams really loud... so they must be able to feel something.
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Sadako Fekkai writes:
that was Ragetti, not Pintel. I think they are talking about emotions, and if they are not, I think Ragetti is too stupid to realise he doesn't feel anything. In one of the deletede scenes, he DOES try to peep through a hole with his wooden eye. His not a very smart guy.
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dorine writes:
Well I believe the first slip-up is a mistake, but the one where Elizabeth throws Barbosa the dress is more sarcasm than anything else.
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Jeff writes:
I don't think they can feel anything, including pain. When Jack killed Barbossa, Barbossa was relieved to finally feel something again, even though it was pain.
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morningpixy writes:
it might have been the memory of it hurting. you know that somethings hot so your brain will know that coals are hot. so i guess its kinda like a ghost pain
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Diablo writes:
Oh man... they can still feel pain...
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Paige writes:
I agree- I remember watching this with a friend and she noticed that; I think this is a slip-up!
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US Grant writes:
He got burned and they can't feel anything but his eye was a human eye that is why he got burned
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laurah writes:
i presumed they couldnt feel anythin when the moon was in view
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D.J writes:
this isnt a slip up b/c when barossa s/p? says mm... its still warm elizabeth knows that he cant feel anything and you hear laughs in the background so obviously you know that hes just kidding around and he would probably know that its warm but he cant feel anything
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Nala writes:
Ohtarher: Why would he want to make Elizabeth think it hurt him? That would give her more time to get away. I agree with whoever submitted the slip up. Good job!
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FrenchVanilla writes:
Seeing as most people didnt know about the curse maybe he was reluctant to lead her on about it because it would appear odd if something scalding hot did not have an effect on someone
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Shadow the Tiger writes:
think that you will find that when he took the dress back and he said "its still warm" he said it as a joke not as a fact, cause everyone on the ship had a good idea of the curse
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Ohtarher writes:
No, it's not a slip-up; he was just saying it was hot to make Elizabeth think she had really hurt him. The pirates can't feel anything; at the point when they first try to undo the curse, Barbossa shoots one of them and he just stands there for a while, then he looks down at his chest and says "He shot me!"
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Taybrian1 writes:
I noticed that too. Then, there was another time when Barbossa had taken the red dress from Elizabeth and made a comment about how it was still warm. If he can't feel anything, how did he feel that?
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FriendsSweetie writes:
This isn't a slip-up! He probably just said that it's hot so that she wouldn't get suspicious that there is a curse or he was just sarcastic.
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