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Ever After - Accents?
Well, it was bad enough that this movie was set in France yet everyone had a distinct British accent. The problem, though, is a scene where the prince asks Cinderella to meet him the next day. In a very Irish accent she says, "I shall try" with a rolled r. Brits don't roll r's.
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Special Requirements: some knowledge of how people sound in other countries
Contributed By: mbj on 02-17-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ashley writes:
Her name is not Cinderella it's Danielle
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Sheila writes:
Okay, think of it this way: The movie is set in France, and they are speaking in French. BUT in order for us to watch the movie, everything is translated into English complete with English accents. If they all spoke in French accents then they would actually be speaking English rather than French which is unnatural. Um... did you get that?
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sblac2 writes:
Would you prefer they do the movie in French?
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Julia writes:
While the accents may not sound very French, and they do vary a little in parts, they really aren't British accents. They sound kind of British because they have a similar lilt, but if they were British, trust me they would sound much different. Also, she doesn't roll her "r" in try that much. It sounds like she does because of the way she said it, but that sentence doesn't sound Irish.
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Stokely! writes:
If you get crazed by accents try watching 'The Three Musketeers' (with Charlie Sheen) Not one of them tries to hide their American accents. And 'First Knight' where you have Julia Ormond doing an almost English accent. Sean Connery with his sexy Scottish accent. And Richard Gere, ever the Yank. Don't get bogged down by the accents. At least the movies are good and well acted.
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Cyrus the Virus writes:
1. Marguerite calls Danielle "Cinderella" because she reads in the fireplace and gets ashes all over her. 2. Did you see Enemy at the Gates? It took place in Russia, yet everyone had a British accent...except for Ed Harris, he was a German with an American accent.
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Micas writes:
The actor who plays Prince Henry is Scottish, that’s why he slips now and then. But notice that Drew Barrymore’s accent is a long, long way from being perfect. You hear the annoying sound of Beverlly Hills blabber too often in her sentences.
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ashley writes:
Well they are British accents, but to a an actual Brit they might sound crappy because they're obviously fake (because we all know that Drew, for example, isn't British). It should have just been set in England, unless the fairy tale was set in France. I don't remember. They probably did it because French accents can be hard to understand, and they thought no one would notice. Actually, I didn't notice it until this person brought it up, lol.
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certified_freak writes:
You know, I'm into foreign languages and accents, and while I love the movie, the accents drive me crazy! They are stronger in some parts of the movie then in others, and sometimes they just sound fake...
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Megan writes:
How do you know if they don't? Maybe it was a different dialect or something. And her name is Danielle de Barbarac, but she went by Comtesse Nicole de Lancret to save a servant's life. (Nicole de Lancret was her mother's name and she wasn't a comtesse.)
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