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Signs - Bucks County?
I have lived in Bucks County PA all my life. The movie is supposed to take place in Newtown in lower Bucks County. First thing Newtown is not what they portrayed it to be at all. It is actually quite a built up populated area. Second of all there aren't any tiny little towns like that in the area. They made Bucks County look like this horrible little Hick area when in reality it is one of the most popular counties in Pennsylvania. One other thing they messed up on is the Bucks County police. We don't have a police force. We have one Sherrif in the entire county. Bucks is paroled by the state police. So before making a movie maybe they should worry about correctly portraying the area that the movie will be taking place. People who watched that movie now have a very wrong opinion of Bucks County Pennsylvania.
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Contributed By: EvilAngel7583 on 06-04-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
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Phreak writes:
This isn't a slip-up; it's a movie, and the truth about places is sometimes bent to make the movie. Did Aliens invade your town, two? Did people that look like Mel Gibson and his family live there? It's fiction; a movie. For example, "Stand by Me" takes place in Castle Rock, Oregon. Castle Rock is actually in Oregon, but this was intentional, and therefore not a slip-up. Ugh.
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indigodragon writes:
first off, this movie was NOT supposed to take place in Newtown. It was supposed to take place where it was shot, in Doylestown and the Upper End of the county (which is very rural once as you get futher away from Philidelphia). Second off, Newtown is not the lower end of the county, it is in Central Bucks. 3rd off, Bucks county is not "paroled" as you so succinctly put it by State Police. We have almost 50 local police depts (and even two for Newtown! One for the Township and one for the Boro!) as well a a very large Sheriffs Office which is broken up into 8 differnt sectors (hard to do if we only had 1 sheriff as you claim) not to mention the Constables. All of this info can be backed up by going to the county website Not that I'm nitpicky about this, but I don't appreciate someone badmouthing my co-workers like that, especially when they have no idea what they are talking about -your friendly neighborhood police dispatcher
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zoso dude writes:
This isn't a slip-up. It's a movie. Do you think that Earth actually got destroyed like it did in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy? I'm betting it didn't! Do you think that South Park Colorado actually has a kid that gets killed EVERY SINGLE DAY!? I don't think so! It's a movie, not reality.
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Kristy writes:
that happens in a lot of movies. i live in Niagara Falls and anytime they make some sort of movie or show around here they make it look all nice and "ohmigosh it's the most beautiful place on earth" and in reality most of the city is run down, crappy, and a lot of other things that aren't so nice so i won't say it. lol. they do that in a lot of movies. i mean look at the ending of Bubble Boy. that guy went over the falls in a bubble when people who went over in barrels died. it's just a movie.....
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