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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - The Reappearing Staff and the Moving Scar
In the movie, Gandalf has been placed on top of Orthanc as a captive and Saruman has taken his staff. He is rescued by an eagle and is soon reunited with the others in Rivendell. He has his staff again, but if it was taken from him, and he didn't go back through the tower, how does he have it back?
In the scene where the Fellowship is battling the cave troll, Frodo is stabbed in his right shoulder. The others think he is dead, but when they realize he is alive, they lift up his shirt to see the scar. Frodo was wearing the Mithril covering and there was a small hole in it on his left shoulder. Somehow the mark where he was stabbed jumped sides. I wonder how they missed that.
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Contributed By: jujuandnoahcrazy on 03-02-2003 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DolbyDigital writes:
Ok so Shelobs stab is on the left. Witch king's is on the right. Forget about the Troll scar cause there is none.
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Fletch writes:
Bah, nonsense, rubbish. In Rivendel, Frodo is given a Mythril undershirt (as in armor)by Bilbo. This is an important moment in the movie, Frodo is given the things he needs to survive an adventure, a sword, and armor. SO, first, when Frodo was without armor say... on weathertop for example... he fights like a litte girl and gets stabbed in the LEFT shoulder by the king of the Nazgul with his icky pointy dagger of death. I hope some of you (and when I say, "hope some" I mean, "you all should have") noticed that Frodo almost died at this point, and through out this whole section of the movie we are shown the grotesque wound on Frodo's LEFT shoulder. Now then, after donning the Mithril T-shirt of ultra coolness, Frodo gets stabbed by a cave troll (significantly stronger than a ringwraith, mind you)in the RIGHT shoulder. We are then flashed by Elijah Wood to reveal his nipples, a nasty scar on his LEFT shoulder -FROM THE RINGWRAITH, and his immaculate RIGHT shoulder -without a scrath on it. LOGICALLY we can assume that this means the Mythril armor is impenetrable, hence Gimli stating shortly thereafter, "I think there is more to this hobbit than meets the eye." In closing, I can understand how you might not have arrived at the conclusion that Gandalf could have made himself another staff, or been given one by the elves, as that, admittedly, is not mentioned in the movie. However, this thing about the scar is mentioned, and at great length! They spend like twenty minutes explaining via cinema what happens to Frodo after he gets stabbed in the left shoulder, making sure several times along the way to show you that it is his left shoulder that has been stabbed and is festering with undead badness. So I guess I'm confused as to how you cought this potentially ambiguous quazi-slip up, but failed to comprehend something that was fully explained. To quote the movie Billy Madison, "At no point during your incoherent rambling were you anywhere close to anything that would remotely resemble a correct answer. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul."
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Heruthalion Cudagor writes:
Look closely and you will see that the staff Gandalf carries after the duel with Saruman is a different staff: it is carved of gnarled wood, but has a slightly different shape; the likeliest explanation --since Saruman usurped Gandalf's "rights" in seizing the staff in the first place, and possessed no "sanction" to deny Gandalf the use of a staff (they are both servants of a "higher power")-- is that Gandalf, upon gaining his freedom from Orthanc, was able to enchant/consecrate a replacement staff on his own. I thought this whole duel scene was ridiculous, anyway, as it was a significant (shall I go so far as to say, blasphemous?) deviation from both the original plotline, and from the stated "realities" of Middle-Earth, particularly the source and scope of the powers of the Istari (Wizards), as presented in the original books.
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Fallen Angel writes:
In the book I'm pretty sure that it said that Gandalf got a new staff after he escaped Orthanc. And there shouldn't be any mark in the Mithril shirt because nothing can break it. It's an easy mistake though ; )
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lotr_lovr writes:
Well, First of all, Frodo got stabed in the stomach by the cave troll. The scar on his sholder is from getting stabbed on top of Weathertop.
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Betsey writes:
The troll stabs him more in the stomach, and when he opens it up you can't see the side of him, let alone any puncture.
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John writes:
In the extra scenes Arwen gives the necklace to Aragorn. So it is shown in the long version of the movie
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Deetmonn!!! writes:
Actually there wasn't a hole in the mithril. They don't open his shirt to see the scar either!!!!!!! Frodo opens his OWN shirt to show them the mithril!!!!! Pay attention!!
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DolbyDigital writes:
Im not gonna go watch the movie or anything but from mental pictures in my head, didnt Frodo get stabbed on the right side on Weathertop? Unless you mean his left shoulder not left to us (most people do refer to it from our angle) The reason i believe this is cause im definetly sure he put his ring on his finger on his right hand (our right). His arm was sorta limp and he couldnt move it cause he was stabbed on that side. In Return of the king he has one mark on his left shoulder and another mark on his right. I have no mental picture of the troll stabbing him on the left side but i could be wrong (not gonna check it out) so i guess that's shelobs mark. Either way Frodo gets stabbed alot in this story. Poor guy.
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