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Goonies, The - What Octopus?
Just after "The Goonies" get out from the underground excursion, and they are on the beach. They are being swarmed by reporters, and one of them is questioning Data, the asian kid. He tells one of the reporters, "Yeah, and the part with the octopus was really scary!" This could be a kid embellishing a story (why would he need to with all that happened), but I have heard that there was originally a giant octopus in the movie that ended up on the floor of the editing room.
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Special Requirements: The Goonies
Contributed By: Jigga Lee on 02-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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average writes:
The original scene that was deleted featured Mouth and the short haired girl on their way to the pirate ship and an octopus tentacle reaches out and strokes the girls leg to which she chimes, "Cut it out Mouth"... He is confused and doesn't know what she's talking about. It happens again and he gets a bit more upset. The third time the octopus touches her she turns around and slaps him on the face. At this point a giant octopus head (Strikingly similar to the one used in Popeye) comes up out of the water behind her and the girl and mouth get in a huge underwater tango. I forget how they get rid of it. I have the video with this on it because they ran it on the disney channel alot. It also features a part where The Goonies ride their bikes to a convenient store to get a map of Astoria and match it up with the pirate map... Now you know why they suddenly knew which lighthouse and beach to go to.
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ScreamQueen writes:
Both of these scenes (the convenience store and the octopus) can be seen by renting the DVD version of Goonies. The convenience store also explains why the map was burned. Troy lit it on fire at the convenience store. But since that part was cut out, a quick eyed viewer noticing the difference, would just have to accept the fact that this was done. Also, in the first post, that "short haired girl" is Stef, played by the great Martha Plimpton! She rocks! If you get the DVD version of this film, you'll notice a lot of other slipups too. Also, did anyone catch at the ending when they're on the boat as Stef starts falling asleep? Or when they're on their way to the lighthouse and Mikey accidentally drops the map, turns around and slams into Mouth (i think) and picks up the map and leaves his bike in the middle of the street? That really wasn't supposed to happen. Additionally, Most of the lines from the cast were improvised, including the "booty trap" running gag. The DVD is a chock full of surprises and information.
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panda0210 writes:
The theater release of this movie was cut down to make it shorter. The octopus scene was cut out during that editing. It was later added back in for television release to add time so it would fit the programming schedule. The rest of the sceen when the boy says "That octopus was really scary" was too important to cut out of the movie version. The same thing happened with the "kick ball scene" in the movie Billy Madison.
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wahooka writes:
There is a version of the movie which has the octopus in it I vaugly remember seeing it, I have seen 2 or 3 different edits of this one movie so keep looking and maybe you will catch the version with the octopus in it.
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majikboy writes:
I always wondered what was going on with this movie when I was little. I was a real dork and had the Goonies' trading cards (which came with some awful tasting gum) and there was one with a picture of said octopus. Finally, I can sleep at night.
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RUJealous writes:
Yes...the octopus did exist and the explanation of how everything happened above is correct. I was confused before I saw the 'un-cut' version...but it is still a bad editing error. Anyway, the point is...I am a huge movie quote fanatic. He actually says, "The octopus was very scary." I'm sure no one cares...just a pet-pev of mine!
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Princess49 writes:
They get rid of the octopus, by I think the chinese kid, data or whatever, stick his walkman in the mouth of it. I'm pretty sure he sticks something in the mouth of it.
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Arpie writes:
I saw the movie last night at a "midnight movie mania." Yes, you are correct, the kid did say "the part with the octopus was very scary." I have only seen this one version of it, but I am sure that it was probably cut out of the other version. But, at any rate, I think it is a big slip-up considering many don't know what he is talking about. I originally thought maybe being a kid that he was exaggerating a little bit.
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moonprysm writes:
The novel of the Goonies talks of the Octopus. In the film, Data throws his boomkboombox into the maw of the creature, allowing them to escape. Oh, yes, where did Data get that wire for his "pinchers of power (peril?)" that can hold up the weight of a teenager?
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Kendra writes:
Yeh.. there is an extended version with the octopus in at the end... it happens when they just discovered willys ship and they are all still in the water.. sloth comes to save them!! go sloth!!!
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