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Lion King, The - Is Pride Rock Made of Coal?
The producer or the director (I forget which) pointed this gaffe out himself, on the commentary track of the CAV laserdisc: In the film's climax, Simba and Scar battle to the death while Pride Rock burns around them. However, under Scar's rule, Pride Rock had already been reduced to a barren wasteland. So, there are no trees. There's no grass. There aren't even two dry sticks to rub together. In other words, THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO BURN!!
I'd also like to point out something I noticed myself: Go to the very beginning of Timon's "hula" scene (before he yells "Luau!") and watch the first shot, where Timon's back is turned, in slow motion. You can clearly see that he's not wearing a lei. Keep watching this shot in slo-mo. Just before he turns around, the lei will suddenly appear around his neck.
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Contributed By: rockland6674 on 09-19-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Claire writes:
if pride rock was dead and dehydrated, wouldnt all the trees and stuff be dead? therefore, the fire would spread really fast(dry wood burns fast, right?)
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Morna writes:
How long had scar been in power, and do herbivores eat dried vegetation? If there was just a drought, but the dried grass and wood was still around, then yes a fire would be likely, but if Scar had been in power long enough that mice and rats (or whatever) had eaten everything left, then there'd be small chance of fire. Another thought...somebody who has the movie watch the sequences where Mufasa is in power and everything's good. I think Pride Rock doesn't have anything growing on it even's just a rock.
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ashley writes:
Have any of you guys noticed that when one of the hyenas comes out of the thorn bushes he is covered in thorns. You think its going to take a while to get all the thorns out ,right? The animaters must not because one second he is covered with thorns then the next there are no thorns in sight. Weird.
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