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Final Fantasy 10 - Lulu Can't Grind?
After defeating a boss named Evrae, two FMV scenes follow. In the second one, a damaged airship approaches a large city named Bevelle. On the rooftop of a temple/palace/court/wedding chapel, soldiers and attack robots fire at it. As the airship approaches, it fires two metal cables at the rooftop. Five of Yuna's guardians--Tidus, Auron, Rikku, Wakka, and Kimahri Ronso-- grind down the cables; but where's the 6th one, Lulu? She was on the airship and when you check the party's status after landing on the rooftop, she isn't absent! I doubt she knows a teleport spell, and if Lulu tried to jump off the airship, she would have fallen to her doom!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
You can see Lulu's dress in Kimahri's arms ^_^
You can see Lulu's dress in Kimahri's arms ^_^
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Special Requirements: Knowledge that Yuna (a summoner) has six guardians
Contributed By: GS68 on 03-11-2003 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Just_Peachy writes:
Hi, you are right Lulu DOESN'T grind but... she is being carried by Kilmari. It's really easy to see.
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Shroudie writes:
Actually, this is wrong beyond belief. I thought the same thing before I bought the movie spheres at Luca. When the FMV starts up, keep an eye on Kimahri. Kimahri is holding Lulu because her belts would've gotten in the way, that and it's presumed she has heels by the sound of her walking.
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Ron writes:
Well how hard is it to see? When you first look at Kimarhi, you can tell he's more bigger than usual, and in some shots you could actually see, without any problem, parts of the dress that Lulu wears.
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Chiral writes:
It's hard to see, but yes, Kimahri is carrying Lulu. There's also another slip-up in the very same cut scene. Just how do they get onto the cables in the first place? You don't see them on the deck, so they can't have jumped to the cables from there, and when you see the uderneath of the airship, it's all solid-ish. So how do they get out of the airship to grind down the cables? No door could open fast enough in the time given. In any case the whole thing is unphysical. It would be impossible to keep your balance, their shooes ought to melt or at least slow them to a stop, and I see no way to explain it by means of magic. Incidentally, if you wish to see this movie, go to the Luca Sphere Theatre, and it is movie #32 - The Red Carpet.
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MorPH writes:
Actually, GS68, Lulu DOES know a teleport spell (I think). Remeber in Luca, when you have to save Yuna from the Al Bhed? Well, when you're on the Al Bhed's ship, Lulu does a teleport spell. You know, when she throws that orb of light up into the air.
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