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Matrix, The - How Does Tank Know About Cereal?
When Neo is getting his info on how to do Ju Jitsu, Tank (or Dozer-not sure) says, "Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!" This is referring to the Life cereal adds with mikey, the kid who hates everything. But, how does Tank know this slogan? He was born on earth and not in the Matrix. Plus, If he doesn't have a plug in his head, he never could have even been in the Matrix!
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Contributed By: zapp0 on 02-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Qender writes:
He may not have been in the matrix but he watches it on those monitors all the time
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abi writes:
Three words. Someone told him.
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TRiNiTY writes:
Life cereal? Am I the only one that picked up on the obvious relevance of that inclusion?
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Andy writes:
This is a literary device called an anachronism. Something out of time and place. It is to be seen somewhat as comical, and somewhat as an allusion. An allusion to Life cereal. He could have just picked up the phrase also. If he said 'Waazzzzzzzzzzzzzup' he wouldn't have to have seen a Budweiser ad, but just picked up the slogan, or seen it in the matrix through the monitors.
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Deathead writes:
I am so sick of this "How did Tank Know..." BS! There are LOTS of explainations but the easiest to swallow would be that they have old vids that they use to teach the kids of the old times. The "Hey Mickey..." Commerical is very popular and can be seen on most old vids. Then there are the obscure explainations: People in Zion knowing about it from before the Matrix. BS the Matrix is over 200 Years old.
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firstwizard writes:
I agree with Qender, Tank watches those monitors day in and day out. He's bound to pick up a phrase here and there.
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rhys115 writes:
Everybody, I have said this about half the slipups on this website so I'll say it once more "YOU ARE TOO NIT-PICKY" These things aren't even slipups because I mean if you were born and had never had cereal do you think that you would never hear about it? I'm sure that the people that did go in the Matrix talked about it once in a while and maybe that came up you know maybe they were remembering things? All im trying to say is he could easily know these things, leave tank alone
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BrainFreeze writes:
History would be a lot more interesting with ads like Pokemon, budweiser frogs, barbie dolls,pizza hut,macdonalds,armour hot, I'd prefer the Matrix I reckon! :)
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Who's to say that in Zion there are not pieces of the old world still there? Zion was formed by humans who existed on earth and when they ran they could have taken pieces of their history with them like television signals and stuff. I bet in Zion they have lots of stuff from the way Earth used to be and that's probably where Tank and Dozer get their information about Life Cereal and airplane messages.
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Lexi writes:
Thanks people, you said my peice for me: 1) The matrix and real world most likely have things is common, 2) Those is the matrix have told him about things within (don't tell me you've never used a phrase that someone once said and you really had no idea from whence it came!) Heck, if Tank can hack into the matrix, I'm sure he can get info about life there too. He may have even seen a TV ad for the cereal. Who really knows? Don't allow these little details to become a splinter in your mind.
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Maleficent1973 writes:
Please see my comment in "How does Tank know about airplanes" It answers this question too!
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Ali writes:
It could have been a cereal legend passed through the ages with a secret recipe for future generations to re-create.
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NEO writes:
He must have heard it from somewhere. That's like saying it's odd for someone to know who Shakespeare is, because he isn't around in this day and age. Obviously they keep some kind of history on these sort of things. Heck, how do you think the machines knew what to base the matrix on?
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Merlinros writes:
His parents or a friend could have told him about it or something like that.
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diablocito writes:
I agree with rhys. Matrix was a great movie because it was so odd. A lot of the stuff you're saying about it was probably well-thought out. I'm sure they did %90 of it on purpose.
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