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Saving Private Ryan - Magic Pistol Reload
During the final battle scene where Tom Hanks' character is mortally wounded and, out of sheer, futile desperation, begins to fire his .45-calibre 1911A1 pistol at the tank that approaches:
o If you watch closely, as he fires shakily at the tank, the pistol's slide remains to the rear after one of the shots. This means he's fired all the ammunition in the clip. The scene changes.
o In the next scene seconds later, he's firing the .45 again.
The pistol magically reloaded itself!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-07-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Maximus writes:
When I watched the scene over and over again on DVD I saw that the last shot, when the Tank Buster plane destroyed the tank, was when the slide stayed back and he never fired the pistol again.
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bordercop writes:
Come on, man, don't you know that's why they call it a .45? Because, in the movies, you can shoot it that many times before you have to do the cool reloading sequence, and fix your hair!!
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Harrier45 writes:
On his second shot, Captain Miller's .45 Colt does indeed appear to remain locked back. However, if you look VERY closely you will see that the slide is only partway back, leading me to believe he may have had a misfeed and a jam in the ejection port. This was a common occurrence with the original Colt 1911. The 1911A was redesigned with a few changes, including a widened ejection port, to alleviate this problem. Still, Miller's .45 does appear to jam. In filming 'Saving Private Ryan', Spielberg went to great lengths to ensure accuracy, so I would believe in the jam theory and assume the weapons master simply cleared the jam and continued with the film shoot.
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Diablo363336 writes:
Yeah, but at the end of the film, they show the name on the cross at the cemetary being Capt. Miller, Pa 2nd Ranger Battalion. And since you had to die in the war to be in that cemetary, Capt. Miller is dead.
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grawolff writes:
Give them credit though. this is about the only scene I've ever found that acknowledges the kickback when firing a .45 caliber. Or any gun for that matter.
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Dean0Mac writes:
Um, Tom Hanks' character isn't Private Ryan lol... It's Capt' Miller
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Fredurst writes:
How could Private Ryan have been "mortally" wounded if the whole movie is a flash-back of what happens? Obviously if he is having a flash-back, he is still alive, don't you think?
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