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X-Files Movie, The - Pants?
You know that scene near the end where Mulder is searching through the underground place. Well if you look closely you will see that when Mulder breaks Scully out of the ice-goo thingy she has no clothes on. So Mulder slips a jacket on her. When you see Mulder holding her and once they're outside, she has pants on. Where did they come from????
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Special Requirements: The X -files movie
Contributed By: superskater55 on 08-29-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Wally writes:
Mulder is wearing two layers of clothing. He has on a cold-weather jumpsuit/coveralls type of outer wear. When he pulls Scully out of the crypod, he slips her into this (and apparaently gives her is socks while he of course puts the boots back on), and still has the second layer of clothing to wear for himself. The tractor is well away from the slumping ice and snow and I'll bet there is a cell phone on board or at least some kind of uplink available through the Global Positioning Device that he brought with him to help locate Scully in the first place. Who knows.... since we are never really sure about the loyalties concerning CSM and Mulder... perhaps CSM left some gas and or a radio device in Mulder's abandoned Snowcat. Now... about the lipstick! Come on. Is it impossible to imagine that Scully visited a restroom before going outside to meet with Mulder? Let's use some imagination and give these ficticious characters some modicum of intelligence!!! ;-)
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Meg writes:
Maybe the pants DIDN'T fit Scully, she was never standing up straight anyway to tell. Mulder had snow pants on over his other pants, look before he finds her and after! he gave her his snow pants because she needed SOMETHING to wear and Mulder was being nice! so why would the pants have to fit? they DON'T have too! they are just needed to keep her warm. if they looked like they fitted to some people, it probably was because since Mulder was carrying her or she was just crawling (and that all she did do) they dont have a chance to show they might be big because they cant fall off that way. also you cant see the waist of the pants because of the coat Mulder ALSO gave her was big and covering up half the pants!
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Melody writes:
In the book about the movie, it clearly states that Mulder removes his protective outer pants and gives them to Scully so she wouldn't freeze. The pants Mulder is wearing in the two different scenes don't match anyway.
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VĂ©ro writes:
Who said she didn't have pants ? We can't see her legs ! And in the box she was transported in, Mulder only finds her jacket, her blouse and her cross ! Maybe the bad guys were to shy to get her pants off :)
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LaraRulz writes:
Don't you think that while he was off getting her cross, maybe, just maybe he could have also gotten her pants? i think we should try and find out how got back home from Antarctica!
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the chillydown writes:
another thing- even if Mulder was dressed in layers, how would his pants fit Scully if she is like 2 feet shorter than him??
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#1 X-Phile writes:
Did you ever stop to think that they go back and forth between scenes, and even though it does not show him doing so, Mulder could have very well gone back to where he found Scully's clothes, and grabbed them and thrown them on her.
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RobNich writes:
The tractor was one the other side of a large hill with rocks at the top. After the tractor runs out of gas and before he falls underground, he walks over the crest of the hill, with the camera over his shoulder you see the huts in the field ahead. As far as ho they got out, there are many instances in the series where that kind of thing is not explained. Not unusual, and not a slip-up. Simply not explained. Also, please stop posting in all capital letters. It is very rude.
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the chillydown writes:
Yeah. It is really wierd. I thought that Mulder must have brought extras, knowing that no doubt when he found Scully she would be wearing nothing. (What I'm trying to say is... why would he feel that he needed to bring extra clothes?)
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Jackass! writes:
It's the magical pants fairy...really Mulder gave her a pair of his.
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foxmulder writes:
why didn't they show scully naked anywaythat was a very good pickup they are probably magic pants
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