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Spider-Man - Different Voice, Same Man
When the Green Goblin is talking to the Professor through the mirror, theres two distinct voices for each character. the Green Goblin in the one in the mirror, and the Professor is not. When they are conversing, you can see the professors left jaw line moving as if hes talking whenever the Green Goblin says anything.
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Contributed By: Ketnity on 07-16-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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MovieMan writes:
Of course his jaw moves. Norman Osbourne suffered a split personality. So both the Goblin and Norman inhabit the same body. When the Goblin speaks he uses the same mouth Norman uses. Norman would not see his mouth moving due to his mental divergence. This is not a Slip-up but a deliberate part of the film.
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Q writes:
Are you not understanding that he's schizophrenic, so he's talking to himself NOT a slip-up
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Gabriel_Coleman writes:
This is not a slip up...Norman Osborne, or "The Professor" (he never was a professor by the way)is the Green Goblin...the whole point of that scene was that he was just finding out that he was the green goblin...he has multiple personalities, that's why the Goblins voice is coming out of his the way, Dafoe was great as the Goblin/Stormin' Normam
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jcates writes:
He's supposed to be talking. He is the Green Goblin. It's a split personality kinda thing. He's talking to himself, or really to the Green Goblin
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Jonmo1 writes:
Personally i see this slip up as a goof up. Anyone who knows about the green goblin knows that when Osbourn is talking to the goblin(which is himself) of course his mouth would be moving since he is the only character for both parts. definitly a duh? moment there...
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Bezelbub writes:
Since no one else has pointed this out, i feel that i must. When, as you put it, "The Green Goblin" and "The Professor" (aka Norman Osborn) are talking,it's somewhat a given that Osborn's jaw would be moving, because he's talking to himself!!! When he exposed himself to the trial procedure, HE WENT SCHIZO!! In simpler terms, he got a split personality. There are now essentially two people living in one mind, each able to control the body. Therefore, the Green Goblin is not speaking from the mirror, Norman Osborn's two personalities are speaking to themselves through the same mouth. The mirror is simply an artistic device used by Sam Raimi to represent the two personalities!!
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SuperPirate writes:
Uhm... He's supposed to be doing both voices at the same time because the Green Goblin is actually another personality inside him. But he's having the conversation with himself in the mirror. It's a pschitzophrenic episode. So even though we the audience only see the goblin in the mirror and the normal guy in the regular room, he's supposed to be doing both voices, hence the moving jaw. Willem Dafoe actually did both voices and both faces, etc, as they filmed, just like his character was supposed to.
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ajdienner writes:
What the heck? They MADE the movie that way...I dunno how you didn't catch that, man! Sheesh
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Ā§corpion writes:
Fool! Of course he's talking for the Goblin. He is the same person. Im the cartoons and all he talks for the Goblin too. He has a split personality, so he beleives they are different people talking, but he's actually insane. Also, his name is Mr. Osborn.
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Bobeesi writes:
I might have misunderstood you, but from what I am getting, you are saying that they did it all at once? Well, I have the DVD, and it shows they did both voices seperately. If this is nto what you meant, I am sorry.
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