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Reservoir Dogs - Who Shot Nice Guy Eddie
Fast forward to the scene in the warehouse at the end where everyone shoots each other. Pink's cowering under the loading ramp, Joe's pointing his gun at Orange, White's pointing his at Joe, Eddie's pointing his at White and screaming "Don't you point a gun at my pa", etc.
Anyway, when the guns go off, nobody is aiming at Eddie, but he still gets shot. I heard that he was supposed to be shot by either Orange or White but his blood bag exploded too early and it looks like he's shot by nobody.
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The Mexican Stand-Off
The Mexican Stand-Off
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-05-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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smileygurrl writes:
If his bloodbag exploded too early, why wouldn't they reshoot the scene. It wasn't like they were live.
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Xeno writes:
Pink was hiding under the ramp yes, but when he walks out his gun is in his hand. Anyone think that maybe Pink shot eddie so he could get away with the money?
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Psyche writes:
Maybe it's just me, but i'm pretty sure i saw Larry (Mr. White) whip his gun around very quickly, to hit Joe and Eddie. Sort of like in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, where Clint Eastwood could shoot three guys in about a second and a half. Don't you think that if you were facing down two enemies and only shot one, but both fell down, you'd look around for your saviour?
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Swingin_moneydaddy writes:
Here it is: Joe was aiming at Mr. Orange. He initiated the shoot out by shooting Mr. Orange first. Mr. White and Eddie shot each other simutaneously, then Mr. White spun and shot Joe too leaving everyone shot and bloody except Mr. Pink. Go figure.
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DeadCat writes:
This is completely wrong. Mr. White is pointing his gun at Joe, Nice Guy Eddie has his gun pointed at Mr. White, and Joe has his gun pointed at Mr. Orange. Now if you actually watch the movie, you will see a bloodied Mr. Orange raise his gun off of the ramp and shoot Nice Guy Eddie--this is what prompts Eddie and White to fire, killing Joe and wounding White. Joe doesn't hit anyone.
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Anita writes:
Mr Orange couldn't shoot Nice Guy Eddie,because he didn't have any bullets left after shooting Mr Blonde!I think Mr White shot both Joe and Nice Guy Eddie.
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Griff writes:
If you people would simply watch this scene CAREFULLY, you would realize that you are all WRONG! Joe's gun is on Orange (who is holding up an EMPTY hand to try to both reason with Joe and protect himself) White's gun is on Joe, Eddie's is on White and Pink is simply a professional (like he mentioned). Just hit the slow-mo right after Eddie whines about the "gun pointed at his Dad". You will see the chain of events unravel in succession. Joe shoots Orange, White shoots Joe AND Eddie (YES, it's right there on the screen that his gun fires TWICE) and of course Eddie shoots White. The funny thing is as Mr. White is comforting Orange and finding out his true identity, you can hear Mr. Pink outside get shot in the "Ass" by one of the cops!
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vonbontee writes:
Griff - are you sure Pink gets shot in the ass? Does he say anything (offscreen)to indicate this is the case? I'm not saying I don't believe ya, just that I myself never heard any clear phrases, just random gunshots & indecipherable talk. First time I saw it I assumed Pink was killed offscreen; I liked the symmetry of all 8 guys dying. But the published screenplay contains something that was later cut from the film: An onscreen caption reading "One of these men is a cop; & all but 1 will be dead by the end." So obviously Pink's gunshot wound, in the ass or wherever, wasn't fatal.
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marmaladeskies writes:
Hell its what you want to think. My belief is that Mr. Pink killed Eddy b/c he is lying under the ramp and had a clear shot b/c Eddy is standing off to the side of the ramp and had a clear shot. Plus the fact that Pink's got a gun when he walks out. Plus also Mr. Pink got away - hell someone got rich by moving the ice
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Mizz. Mauve writes:
First of all I would just like to say Steve Buscemi rocks and then I'll say that Mr. Pink was not COWERING under the ramp and he didn't shoot anyone in the warehouse. He also didn't become rich since if you listen closely he is caught.
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Conduit writes:
I don't see the fuss about who shot Nice Guy Eddie. Clearly (we are not expected to try and figure out what happens). Giff seems to know what is going on. Joe shoots Orange, White shoots Joe, Eddie shoots White and then White shoots Eddie. End of discussion.
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zombiebeetle writes:
HELLO! right after White gets shot, as he's falling you see his gun go off again before he hits the floor. and as if you already hadn't guessed, it's pointed as nice guy Eddie.
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Hobo Clown writes:
In the screenplay, Mr. White blasts Joe in the face and then turns and fires at Nice Guy Eddie as he falls. In slow-mo, Harvey Keitel's arm turns slightly but fires twice. I still say there was a second shooter from the grassy knoll.
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Cherry writes:
Okay, one more time, it's hardly rocket science. Joe shoots Orange, White shoots Joe, Eddie shoots White and White shoots Eddie as he falls. To clear all your troubled minds, Orange and Pink don't shoot anybody (Orange don't have no bullets left).
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Miss_Scarlet writes:
Joe shoots Mr Orange. Mr White shoots Joe. Nice Guy Eddie shoots Mr White. My theory is that Mr Pink shot Nice Guy Eddie, as he had a clear shot and had a gun in his hand as he was walking out. The only thing is - why would Mr Pink shoot Nice Guy Eddie? He has no motive and said much earlier in the film in a conversation with Mr White when he had just arrived at the warehouse that he didn't want to kill anyone. He did not have any reason to shoot Eddie and was not close to Mr Orange like Mr White was. Mr Orange had no bullets left after shooting Mr Blonde. Besides, after the second bullet he takes when Joe shoots him, I'm not sure that he would have had the energy to aim and fire a gun. This leaves that Mr White shot Eddie. I have read the theories on this, but as I do not have the DVD but only the video, I cannot slow it down to see if he fired two shots.
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thedoug writes:
how bout this, NOBODY SHOT EDDIE. I was watching the movie on Bravo and at the end of the movie they tell you little facts about the movie, and of course this one was at the end. They said: (roughly quoted) "At the very end where everybody is shot, Eddie is shot but no one was pointing at him. Tarantino noticed the mistake but left it in the movie anyway...". You can go to websites where it says this also (i.e. ) So my answer is nobody.
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FailureByDesign writes:
If you remember previous when Mr. Orange shoots Mr. Blonde you can see that he empties the clip on him. So Mr. Orange did not have a gun to shoot Eddie so it was a mistake in the movie and no one shot Nice Guy Eddie.
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kat writes:
Okay, I have a few ideas on what happened in this scene. First: If you watch the showdown scene in slow motion you see that one gun is fired twice. It could either be Nice Guy Eddie's gun or Mr. White's. Nice guy Eddie could've just shot Mr. White twice in a row, to make sure he died or Mr. White could've shot Joe (who he had his gun pointed at) and then turned to shoot nice guy Eddie. Second: Mr. Pink was hiding under the ramp during the showdown. There's a chance Mr. Pink shot nice guy Eddie becuase when he walked out from under the ramp after everyone got shot he was holding a gun and he figured if everyone died he could take off with the money. Third: Mr. Orange didn't shoot anyone. Let's just clear that up. Fourth:(and last) There's a story that when doing the showdown scene, Eddie's blood bag was triggered by mistake and he had to fall. Quentin Tarentino saw that accident but left it in the movie to give people something to talk about. If that is a true story his theory worked out becuase here we all are, still talking about it. Now these are all theories and you can decides what you agree with and what you don't. Have fun. P.S. I love this movie and especially this scene.
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Charles writes:
The following is an extract from an interview with Chris Penn, from Empire magazine, September 1996. He's been freeze-framed. He's been slow-moed. He has caused ballistic experts to forget the last time they enjoyed a peaceful night's kip. In fact, not since JFK went down in a hail of conspiratorial crossfire has one man caused so much confusion as to the whys are wherefores of just exactly who filled whom with lead. Until now, that is. For, as we speak, one of the great mysteries of the universe is being solved. "I'll set the record straight", chortles Chris Penn. "Nobody shot nice guy Eddie. It was a mistake. What was supposed to happen - and I don't know if Quentin's gonna like me giving this away, but it's too late now, he never told me not to - was Harvey Keitel was supposed to shoot Lawrence Tierney, then shoot me, then get squibbed. But what happened was the squib (a small explosive charge resembling a bullet hit) on Harvey went right off after he shot Lawrence, so he went down, but my squib went off anyway, so I went down. So, basically nobody shot Nice Guy Eddie. Quentin said 'You know what? It'll be the biggest controversy of the film. We're leaving it.' He was definitely right ..." And thus a chapter in film history is brought to a close. There you have it.
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Johnny Toxic writes:
Why does everyone think that Mr. Orange only has one gun? When Mr. Orange is being picked up, he slips a revolver into his coat pocket and a small caliber semi-automatic pistol into a boot holster. Later on, Mr. Orange empties his magazine into Mr. Blonde. He does indeed fire until dry, but the gun he uses is a large calbier semi-automatic pistol. This leaves the two aforementioned guns to be accounted for. Mr. Orange has the means and the motive, protecting the one man who stands up for him, making it entirely possible for Mr. Orange to have shot Nice Guy Eddie.
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Brokentoysoldier writes:
Ok First count the shots. Then count the gun flashes. 5 gun flashes and 6 gun shots Hmmmm......... But as seen and heard in other movies this can be chalked up to just another movie mistake. nuff said.
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jackc writes:
Eddie begins to fall before Mr. White fires the second shot (the first aimed at Joe). Although Mr. White seems to turn towards Eddie and fire, he did not shoot him. I believe, therefore, that the suggestion that it was a deliberate 'mistake' left in by Tarentino seems most likely... but that then leaves the question who was MEANT to have shot Eddie? There is a video on youtube, which has the shooting in slow motion- Eddie falling before Mr. White fires the second time is clearly visible. Search for "who shot nice guy Eddie".
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mishkal writes:
OK, here's the deal. I'm sure it's scripted that White fires two shots - the first at Joe, the second at Eddie. His gun (and I've watched this a few times) seems to go off twice - but the muzzle flash only happens on the second shot, so it's hard to say, but it APPEARS he fires twice. The mistake(s) made were that Keitel doesn't turn far enough to the left to make it look like he actually shot Eddie, and Eddie's blood bag fires off too early and he acts like he's been shot before White fires the second shot. And for those that think Pink shot him from under the ramp - no way. The way Eddie was standing was pretty much perpendicular to where Pink was, and the shot is almost in the middle of his belly. Had Pink shot him there, it would have gone in and out and done little damage. The shot clearly came from straight on (or at least that was the intention) so it was INTENDED that White shot him--it just got botched. At any rate, I've talked about and analyzed this WAY too much--I think we all have :).
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the_rider9 writes:
SO HERES THE REAL DEAL ON WHAT HAPPENED The slip is blamed on Mr. White. Here`s why... Joe had his gun on orange Pink was under the slant, his angle wouldve made it impossible for him to have shot eddie White had his gun on Joe and orange had no more bullets in his gun, hence he couldnt have shot anybody Joe shoots orange, then white shoots joe and eddie shoots white, Whites gun fires THREE times, white was supposed to shoot joe THEN shoot eddie but he didnt move his arm fast enough to point eddie, hence it seems like he only shoots joe.
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