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Zoolander - Ambiturner
Zoolander says he is not an ambiturner (he can't turn left) yet three times before the final scene he turns a 90 degree turn left.
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Contributed By: Snowman on 07-03-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Malciah writes:
I think what he's saying is that Derek claims he can't turn left, but he does numerous times throughout the movie. Right after he tells her he can't turn left, he turns left to look at her. (just his head though)
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kat writes:
Just because he turns his head left doesn't mean he is turning left. I'm not ambidextris but I can still use my left hand. It's not that complicated, don't make it that way.
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RobLikesPuppies writes:
Both of y'all are wrong. The word (that is made up for humor anyway) ambiturner uses the prefix "ambi-" which is derived from latin. The prefix means "both". Zoolander said how he could only turn right because he isn't an ambiturner (which we suppose means someone who can turn both ways). But anyway, I'm correcting people on something stupid like my AP English teacher and it scares me. Y'all are right about the slip up, but your use/definition of the fake word "ambiturner" was incorrect. I feel really stupid, and in your position, I'd hate myself for "being one of those guys who annoys people about stupid errors that don't matter". Let the social lynching of me, the nerd, begin.
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Dayna writes:
First off, Derek Zoolander is NOT an ambiturner! The point of the person who wrote this slipup was to claim that Zoolander is not an ambiturner, but the slipup is he DID turn. So the person is trying to say Derek turned left a couple of times during the movie which he shouldn't have. I have yet to see this myself. I have seen the movie a numerous amount of times and when I see him turn, I don't think he has turned left when he wasn't supposed to. Think about it. When you're watching TV, everything for them is reversed, so you just have to cross your arms or put yourself in their place. I'm not saying this slipup is correct at all, but the other comment here bothers me because Derek Zoolander is NOT an ambiturner. You and I and everyother person in the world is an ambiturner. I'm not ambidextrious (I can't write with both hands), but I can turn both ways. I hope that cleared some things up because the other comment is just wrong. Good try with the slipup though, but it was kind of obvious it would be a slipup because not turning a certain direction is a hard thing to master.
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kidhen writes:
I guess it is natural for everyone watching the movie, as soon as he says he can't turn left, to immediately look for an occasion when he actually does turn left, because we all know movies are prone to slip-ups as easy as that. its subconcious... well... for me anyway
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