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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Gandalf's Vanishing Ring
When Gandalf is wth Saruman inside the Orthanc tower, he is leaning on his staff. I noticed that in a close-up shot of him, he was wearing a simple ring on one of his left hand fingers. I thought,
"Oh cool, Gandalf has one too."
The camera switches to Saruman and there is some dialogue. The shot is changed to Gandalf and his ring has vanished. You can see the finger it was originally on is bare!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-11-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Gobrianna writes:
Gandalf doesn't wear a ring in the first movie, though whether he will have one of the three Rings of Power given to the Elves at the end of the third movie, as in the book, remains to be seen. What you're seeing in Isengard is the strap on Gandalf's staff, which he slips on and off his fingers.
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Undomiel Regina writes:
Gandalf carries one of the three rings through the entire trilogy. It was originally given to an Elven lord, but I think he dies in The Silmarillion. I could be wrong since I've only read that once. Anyhow, he keeps it hidden at all times, so what you saw was the leather strap of his staff. For the record, Galadriel is the only free ringbearer to use her ring's powers - they're what keeps Lorien fair. Elrond has the other ring and he's even more careful with it than Gandalf.
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punkbrad7 writes:
To be specific, the Three were once owned by Cirdan the Shipwright, Galadriel, and Elrond's father. Elrond's father gave his to Elrond before his death at Mount Doom. Cirdan gave Vilya to Olorin when he and the other four Istari (Which are Maiar, lesser gods), because he simply thought that it would be of much more use to Gandalf (Who is also Olorin and Mithrandir), because Cirdan knew of what Gandalf had to deal with.
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bruzie writes:
It's not actually a ring. It's the leather strap that he has on his staff. It is true that there is continuity errors, but it's just Sir Ian changing the grip on his staff between takes and not costuming errors. Don't forget that in the book, there is no mention of Gandalf having the third Elven ring until we see him at the Grey Havens.
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Heruthalion Cudagor writes:
Gandalf's ring is Narya, the Red Ring of Fire, entrusted to him in secret by Cirdan the Shipwright when he first arrived in Middle-Earth; Elrond keeps Vilya, the Sapphire Ring of Air, and Galadriel guards Nenya, the Adamant (diamond) Ring of Water. I would still maintain this to be a slip-up, as there is no one else present but Saruman and Gandalf: if the audience, from Saruman's vantage, can perceive the Ring in one instance, it should be able to in all others (unless, perhaps, the Ring's "appearance" happens to occur while Gandalf regards himself in a mirror? I can't recall if this is the case, now ...) One possibility is that Gandalf consciously "shrouds" perception of his Ring from Saruman once a few indiscreet, but shrewdly guided, inquiries have urged Gandalf to become more wary of his "trusted superior"; but that makes little sense, either, for Saruman would have at once recognised the Ring and perceived its power, so it would have to have been already concealed from the get-go, in which case the audience should never have seen it, either ...
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Michael Cole writes:
Gil-Galad (the elf that died at the start of the movie) was not Elrond's father - that was Earendil the Mariner. Elrond was Gil-Galad's Herald, Vice-Regent and Foster-son, not his actual son. Gil-galad's Grandfather was Elrond's Great-Great-Grandfather.
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Etoile writes:
Gandalf does have one too, as does Galadriel. When you can and cannot see these rings (Nenya and Vilya, I believe, although I am not sure; Elrond has the third) depends on the viewpoint from which you are "looking". Certain characters cans ee them, others cannot. Basically, it takes a Ringbearer to know one.
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Rainangel555 writes:
Well if you pay attention to the beginning of the movie, when they are giving a history of the rings, It is said that 3 rings were given to the Elf Lords. Gandalf is neither and Elf or a Lord. He is a Wizard. There is another slip up mentioning a black strap on his staff. Maybe thats what you were seeing.
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