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Grease - Danny, What Would Your Mother Say?
Go to the scene when they are fixing up the car. Danny stands on top and rubs plastic wrap on his private area. The directors thought it was too filthy, so they made Danny run around the car with the plastic wrap in the air making it seem like a dance number.
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Contributed By: crock on 01-31-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Jenelle writes:
Too dirty?? Did the director's neglect to listen to the WORDS to Greased Lightening?? "You know that I ain't bragging, she's a real pu*** wagon," "You are supreme, the chicks'll cream," and "you know that aint no sh**, we'll be gettin lots of ti* from greased lightening." I don't know if they would have beeen too concerned with plastic wrap. :-)
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Locust writes:
The plastic wrap is a reference to the original "Grease" play. In the original "Grease Lightning" number, the characters dance around while throwing condoms everywhere and rubbing plastic wrap down there. John Travolta was trying to keep the movie as close to the original play as possible.
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Frodin writes:
OK isn't this supposed to be about SLIP-UPS?? So why are you writing about something that was actually meant to be in the movie?...Think about that one.
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AngelPie writes:
Now I have no idea about the plastic wrap being used as birth control in the 50s, but I WILL point out that Kenicke DID have a condom during the car scene with Rizzo. Not only that, but he had bought it back in the seventh grade. Now this is certainly implying that condoms were common enough for a 12 year old kid to get their hands on one! Even if condoms WEREN'T mainstream in the 50s, I doubt the director would have brought this to attention if the complete opposite had been implied in an earlier scene. Now normally I wouldn't go to the trouble to make such a long comment, but Grease is one of my all-time favourites, and I just wanted to clear up the fact that the plastic-wrap idea was likely just another example of the heavy sexual innuendo throughout the whole movie, not any kind of obscure reference.
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Staph writes:
you guys should watch the Behind The Music aout Grease...they have a segment about that and J.T. was making reference to the Musical when rubbed the seran wrap down there...because, i think, there was some part in the musical stating that they used seran wrap in place of condoms...and he wanted as much of the musical feel in the movie as possible
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sarah writes:
Umm...I agree...If you listen closely there is a whole bunch of sexual references. Including one when the T-Birds are singing (mainly Sonny and Doody(?)) about grabbing t*ts.
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The Tizzinatrix writes:
As far as condoms...only recently have condoms become more or less mainstream thanks to increased sexually transmitted diseases and the spreading of AIDS. In the 50's and even the 70's they were considered taboo. Believe it or not, back then, sleeping around before marriage was seen as bad so if you got condoms that could be the only thing you were doing was having sex with someone you shouldn't. So what's a horny kid to do? Swipe some of Mom's saran wrap from the kitchen and claim it as part of a science project. It's still used today in place of dental dams. Not saying that's the reasoning for the scene in Grease, but just sharing some insight.
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Jussac writes:
Condoms were available in the 1950's, but they weren't as sophisticated as today, were expensive, and difficult to get a hold of. The fact that Kenicke kept a condom from the Seventh Grade would mean he was really proud that he actually had one! So serum wrap would have been a substitute for horny teenagers who couldn't be bothered buying the real thing. :)
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*Pretty_Penguin* writes:
This "slip-up" wasn't really a slip-up at all. John (Travolta) was just being rebellious. He wanted to run the Saran Wrap through his legs for a few seconds, and the directors wouldn't let him. When they were doing the final taping, John did that quick little rub when the directors weren't looking, and it made it to the final cut.
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shawn writes:
Yes it was made in the 70's but any idiot knows it takes place in the 50's. Now I'm not calling you an idiot because you didn't know this.
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prtzlhd123 writes:
If I remember correctly, Kenicke said that his condom is his 25-cent insurance policy. Not 70 cents.
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Gizzy writes:
Everyone knows there were condoms in the 50's, but maybe what the person was saying was if someone didn't have a condom, they would use plastic rap instead. I'm not choosing sides, just pointing out that everyone could have not understood what the person was trying to say.
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Liss writes:
To whoever said that 70 cents thing. Im not saying 70 cents was a lot of money back in the 50s but it was worth more then it is now. Back then you could buy a bag of candy for a penny, think about it a litte bub. So 70 cents isnt a lot now but money value changes during 50 years.
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Gossip Girl writes:
For one thing, they did have condoms back then and two, why is this a slip-up???
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DarkBunnyofInle writes:
This is also an obvious sexual reference. In the 1950's, plastic wrap was used in place of condoms.
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shawn writes:
I dont know where he heard that ting about plastic wrap but the modern latex condom was invented in the 1930's and they had condoms made out of other materials LONG before that even.
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[email protected] writes:
I agree with Frodin, this is NOT a proper slip up. Maybe this is where Michael J got the idea of checking your winkle is still there. This should be taken off or put into the "trivia" slot.
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tigerlily writes:
Darcy, remember that in the '50s 70 cents was a lot of money. Think about the scenes in the ice cream shop when they talk about 15 cents (I think) for some sort of food item.
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shawn writes:
Have you ever heard of INFLATION!! 70 cents was worth a lot more back in the 50's than it is now.
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parent trap fan. writes:
Darcy_Monkey you really need to get on a time machine and go back to the fifties and work for minimum wage. Then you will see how for you will go with 70 cents. My grandpa came to the United States from Cuba in 1955. He was able to work for $1.35 per hour only because he was the friend of the manager of the company he was working for. He was very lucky. The minimum wage for 1955 was really 75 cents. So if a condom cost 70 cents in the 1950's was to give away literally an hour of working very hard.
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jen writes:
wasnt this movie made in the 70's?
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Tygrkatt writes:
This is a comment about some comments, and actually condoms existed in the Middle Ages. They were made out of animal skin and organ tissue, but they were condoms.
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shawn writes:
Ummmm...... They had condoms in the 50's, buddy.
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TP writes:
as far as the condom bit goes & them not "existing" in the 50's, go to the scene with Rizzo & Kaniki making out in the car. He's got an expired condom in his wallet. :)
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darcy_monkey writes:
If condoms were so hard to get and expensive in the 50's, then what about what he said in the car with Rizzo. He said something like "My 70 cent insurance policy???? Yeah really expensive. 70 cents. Woah. I've never had that much money in my whole life.
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