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Matrix, The - Slow Motion Mirror
When Trinity is watching the agents arrest Neo in the rear view mirror of her motorcycle, only the view in the mirror is in slow motion, the surrounding scene is at normal speed.
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Contributed By: ysic on 01-30-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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crao writes:
This is just a special effect. It's to add effects. If this is a slip-up, then you could also say that the bullets that go in slo-mo, and everything around them is going normal speed is a slip-up, but it's just to remind us that THIS IS THE MATRIX PEOPLE!!!
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Spazmo writes:
Intentional; I got it from the horses mouth (Sort of). The Winchowski (Yes, i know I splelled that wrong) brothers said in some special I saw that sometimes while the main characters are in the Matrix, everything but them slows down (I am not talking about bullettime). This was intended to create an air of surrealism. PS- For an example, look out the window of the car in the scene where Neo asks Trinity what the Oracle told her. (In the car while Mo. is taking Neo to the O.)
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ParchedSnow writes:
Maybe they just walk slow
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ACx writes:
Is it just me, or does that perticular mirror CG actually looks pretty un-realistic? Actually, there are a few CG effects that look pretty bad when you freze frame them, one of them being while Neo's started falling in the jump program, note how weird and polygony his eyes look, and it's probably not the motion blurs fault :)
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IGotOne writes:
thay did this a lot and thay ment to if you have the dvd w/comentary thay tell you that it was to make it seem like somthing was not right. thay did this when thay wher going to the orical. :)
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WallPhone writes:
Don't forget that the camera looking into the mirror cannot be seen in the mirror...
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defroth writes:
It's just an effect.
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~Tasuki Duo~ writes:
I think it's an effect to make the Matrix seem less like the real world. Remember when Trinity (at the very beginning) jumped and held her pose in the air before kicking the police officer (you know, the one everyone rips off?)and everything slows down? This had the same effect.
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