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Saving Private Ryan - Same Soldier...New Wound...Bad Luck.
This one starts out in the first scene when they are storming Omaha Beach.
When the medics are working on a man screaming in agony because his arm has a pretty large gash in it. Take a good look at him and listen to his voice. You have to look closely because they have his face covered.
Cut to the scene towards the middle when the guys are looking through the dog tags and Cpt. Miller is asking around for anybody who knows a Pvt. Ryan.
He comes across a soldier who had a Nazi grenade blow up close to his ears and has too talk very loud because he can't hear. Same guy from the beach....his arm seems fine but his ears aren't doing so well. I guess he heals pretty quickly.
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Special Requirements: DVD, Tape......good eyes...and ears.
Contributed By: vnmn on 01-29-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ruffin081 writes:
It's not the same guy. I watched the parts with these two soldiers six times each just to confirm it. It's not. The guy on the beach would remind you of the big football player you would see in the halls of your high school. His body is larger than the medic that is trying to fix him up. The deaf soldier who had the german grenade explode by him, if you look at him, looks just like the guy who plays Gary Burtier (sp?) in Remember The Titans. I'm sure it's him. He bears some small resemblance to the soldier on the beach, his size, but that's it. Having sung in choirs, groups, and solo all my life, I know that it's possible to sound like someone else when you yell and such. However, the deaf soldier's voice was a little bit higher up, not gruff enough to have sounded like the bleeding soldier from the beach. Likewise, the beach soldier's voice was too gruff, even for the yelling he was doing, to be the deaf soldier's voice. Mr. Spielberger (lol) would not be dumb enough to put the same person in the movie twice for those small parts. If he did, then he must have been using some budget money for something else, which I doubt.
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naganootch writes:
It is not the same guy, The guy on the beach has a lower voice, and the other guy has a more whiny voice. And you cannot tell they are the same guy by facial expressions, because one is screaming in agony. Mr. Spielberg isn't stupid enough to throw some one in twice, especially when the rolls are so small but noticable.
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
naganootch was right. The first guy had a lower voice (he sounded a bit like my friend when I wrestled him to the ground and sat on his arm) He had a different voice to the yelling deaf guy, so it couldnt be the same man. Speilberg would have also payed attention to that, as the guy on the ground with his shoulder being operated on draws attention to the audience, so does the other guy that's temporarily deaf, so alot of people would notice. Never in a movie would a director give an actor the responsibility of a few lines and let him act another character in another scene unless intentional ie. psycho, double impact etc), Its too obvious. The cast director would also realize this if the director forgets.
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naganootch writes:
It is not the same guy!
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surfer79 writes:
It's the same guy... I think my tone of voice would change if I had my arm spread wide open in such a chaotic situation vs a calm walk through the woods with no hearing.
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Tony Gies writes:
Absolutely right. It's the same guy, wake up!
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carvell86 writes:
that kind of hearing damage is temporary sometimes anyway. when i was hit by a roadside bomb or had to use my ma deuce without earplugs my hearing would be nearly that bad but a day or two later its back to pretty much normal
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vnmn writes:
Why would you consider it stupid for any director to use the same actor twice in the same movie? I'm sure that more than half of the soldiers on the beach in the opening scene were somewhere else in the movie as well. With a budget as big as it was....why spend more on extra 'extras' when you can use them again? If you look again and watch his mouth...I'm sure you'll's the same guy.
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garethgazz writes:
Look, for a big budget movie like this no director would be stupid enough to get the same guy to play two recognisable parts. It's just not what you do. The guy who played the deaf guy will have auditioned and only turned up on the day's he was needed... i.e, not omaha beach shooting days. The arm guy was some current day irish soldier, they hired them as extras for the film. That is NOT the same guy, that would be incredibly unprofessional.
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-- writes:
Well i personally think they are not the same guy. On a different track, is the german soldier the same one the let go at the end?
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