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Matrix, The - A Blind Morpheus
When Neo is first inserted into the "construct" (at 39 minutes 30 seconds into the movie) Morpheus
is standing with Neo. If you watch Morpheus carefully -the way he gestures and the way he walks, it appears as if he cannot see. This is because his sunglasses have been painted over (with matte finish paint) to prevent us from seeing the camera reflected in them (in other "sunglasses shots" they use special effects to remove these unwanted reflections).
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Contributed By: ysic on 01-29-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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eengrms writes:
Didn't that TV look a little old to have a remote anyway??
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JMJVL writes:
Please realize that this is in a computer program
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ultimatefishook writes:
He's trying to make Vague open gestures. this is why he appears to be pointing at nothing. When he picks up the remote he seems to have had it pointing in the correct direction. I see a superb job, if he really had this paint on his glasses.
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CatCheeto writes:
Why would him pointing the remote in a certain direction matter? They are inside a computer program. Does it matter where on a web page the "submit" button is? (although it would be silly to have in in the middle of a form or something)
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JEZ writes:
You're right, he does seem a little blinf. It's especially noticeable after he says, "This is the world as it exists today," and then hits a button on the remote... but the remote is pointed way up in the corner and nowhere near the tv.
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Lemon Head writes:
JEZ, you don't have to point a remote control at a telly to make it work, mine works if you point it in the opposite direction.
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GalFisk writes:
A remote control works in different directions because the infrared light is reflected of walls and stuff. If the construct is a kind of closed room it might work, if it is a vast open space, it won't.
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CompuCRash writes:
well some people like pointing the remote at the telly. and why would you want to use your remote control upside-down? and maybe you HAVE to point directly at the telly cuz the telly is old.
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Mykross writes:
Hey, let's not forget, "This, is the construct." It's not as advanced as the matrix, and therefore would need to have movements and controls simplified. Not to mention that old remotes for old TV's(hey! gimme the clicker!) had one button, and a HUGE IR lens on the front. With that big of a scatter patern from the lens, if your wall paneling was shiny you could probably bounce the signal off of it and have it work. They also only did one thing, cycle the tv on, cycle through the channels until the last one is reached, then turn the TV off.
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