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Die Hard 2 - Shooting Blanks
During the movie, the bad guys (and later out hero) fires an M-16 rifle which contains blank rounds. Manny firearms (including the M-16, M-60 and SLR) cannot fire on auto or semi-auto when using blanks. They can only fire once and then must be manually recocked.
The Reason:
When one of these weapons fires a bullet, expanding gases push the bullet out the barrel. As an opposite reaction, the gas also recocks the weapon. Without a bullet, there is nothing for the bullet to push against, so the next bullet is not loaded. To get around this, soldiers place a BFD (Blank Firing Device) on the end of the barrel (or replace the barrel for a M-60). It is quite obvious if one of these has been fitted. I presume that the M-16s used in movies actually have special barrels.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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holland writes:
M16's can fire blanks in either semi or automatic. Whice training Special Forces troops we simply unsrewed the flash suppressor, inserted a special rod, screwed the flash suppressor back in place. This held the rod in place, blocking the barrel causing the blank casings to eject properly and maintained the realistic look of the weapon.
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Observant writes:
Sorry Gents, if you look at the scene that you are all talking about here you will clearly see that the weapon used by Brice Willis is in fact a Heckler and Koch MP5. This weapon can fire blanks with minor modifications (that cannot be seen from the outside of the barrell)
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Mechashef writes:
A few people have pointed out that it is very easy to convert a semi (or full) auto rifle to fire blanks. However in the movie, the guys have two magazines taped together (facing in opposite directions). One magazine contains blanks, the other contains live rounds. Would any of the techniques allow you to load in both types of rounds without changing anything other than the magazine? We don't see them modifying the weapons. They just swap the magazines around!
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clb6988 writes:
you do not even need to remove the flash supressor...if you were really special forces you would know this...all the blank adapter is is a box that slips OVER the flash supressor with a rod that goes into the supressor...but you are correct that blanks can be fired at semi and automatic settings
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brightsaber writes:
I agree. Those guns clearly are not m16's but rather mp5 navy's. I'm not sure about the blank stuff but what gun's where the special forces guys using. I doubt they would be using mp5's as well, unless they are navy or marine special forces. Otherwise, they would probably be using m16's.
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friekatoni writes:
The special equipment for allowing a rifle such as these to fire auto blanks is internal, of course you wouldnt be able to see it. Also, remember that these aren't just a couple of gun freaks who got hold of some guns and loaded them with blanks, they are professionals. Everything was thought out, every tiny detail, including using blanks in the guns. Not a slip-up.
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JamesBondWannabe writes:
that's funny holland, I didn't see any rods in the MOVIE.
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