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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Shouldn't Sting Be Glowing?
In the Mines of Moria, after the Fellowship has narrowly escaped the cave troll and they are running through the gigantic halls, they become surrounded by Orcs. With orcs screaming on every side, the Fellowship grimly brandishes their weapons preparing to fight. However, Sting (Frodo's elvish blade that glows when Orcs are near), is NOT glowing, despite the fact that there are thousands of orcs within arm's reach. (The movie still rocked though!)
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Contributed By: fjordboy on 01-14-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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K-ringer writes:
Yeah, this one confused me too. It really *is* a slip-up. The blade glows blue when orcs are near -- but it doesn't *stay* blue while they are around. Hey, how could a blade know the difference? Do the batteries wear out? Two other comments: First, if you read the books, goblins are a type of orc. Their type avoids sunlight. That's why you see them work at night for Sauruman and why they're in the Mines or Moria. Note that Legolas calls them "goblins" when they first enter the Mine and then calls them "orcs" when they are at Balin's Tomb. On the hother hand, the Uruk-Hai are an orc-type who can "move in sunlight and at great speed" according Gandalf's conversation with Elrond at Rivendell. Secondly, when Bilbo gives Frodo the blade Sting, he says "It glows blue when orcs are near. And it's times like that, m'boy, when you must be extra careful!" I crack up everytime I hear it (5 showings) The understatement of the year.
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Elaina writes:
Have none of you read the book? Yes it's true that they were goblins in the Mines of Moria, but goblins are a type of orc, so the blade should have been glowing. And it is only when orc are around that it glows, not just any old evil. A well spotted slip up!
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HOLLYDAZE!!! writes:
OK, I'm not sure exactly how to explain this so I'll just go with the flow. I have two points. The first is that whether they are goblins or Orcs Sting should be glowing anyway. In the Hobbit when Bilbo first gets Sting, Bilbo and his companions are attacked by Goblins in the Misty Mountains and Sting (and the other elven blades) glow when the goblins are about, Orcs are not mentioned in the Hobbit. The second point: although it is not clear the impression I got from the de hard LotR fans was that there is not actually any difference between Goblins and Orcs. JRRT inter-changed the words, using Goblin in "The Hobbit" and Orc in LotR although they are the same thing. Also if you read the books that have been released to acompany the film, it gives you some information on some of the different races and characters from LotR and it mentions the "Moria Orcs". There are three "breeds" of orc mentioned in the LotR. The Uruk Hai (Bred by Saruman), The Uruks (From Sauron) and the Moria Orcs. In the film they have given each there own appearance so that the audience can tell them apart when watching. (I would include the differences but I think this is a bit long now but they are basically to do with skin and eyes).
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Kevin writes:
I have a couple things to say, First I am looking in The Hobbit or There and Back Again, I am qouting it, "Orc is not an english word. It occurs in one or two places but is usually translated goblin (or hobgoblin for the larger kinds)...." Second that specific scene is not in the Fellowship of the Rings book, a lot of the fighting isn't in the book he added it to the movie to make it more action packed. so the creatures could be cave crickets or something, they dont have to be orcs. Third, if we are going to complain about swords glowing, Gandalf's sword Glamdring should glow to just like Frodo's Sting, and in the pervious scene Sting Glows but not Glamdring.
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LocoMan writes:
I think I read somewhere that Peter Jackson said that the swords should be glowing on that scene, but he decided against it to prevent it from being compared to lightsaber battles.
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Insulation, Patron Saint of writes:
Okay, first off, Goblins are not a TYPE of Orc. The word Orc is Sindarin (the tongue of the Grey-Elves) for "Goblin" (I believe; I don't want to offend any hardcore fans). Secondly, Gandalf's sword (Glamdring, I think it to be) should also be glowing, as it did in the Hobbit (and the Lord of the Rings, too, actually). This is just one of the MANY oversights in the film version.
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BlarogSlayer writes:
O.K. Big lord of the rings fan here so i know what i'm talking about.. I also noticed this one time and just now remembered it. First off, GOBLINS ARE INDEED OR CS! Goblins are or cs that have become mutated from living in total darkness for so long. Sting is kind of like an electrical device. When it get's to much juice, it stops working. By that i mean when there right in front of you it stops, or if there are to many, if you look in the book and in the movie, it glows slightly brighter when there are more orcs around. So it stopped glowing because there was to many. This is hinted at in the books if you don't believe me.
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MinasNazgul writes:
Goblins are orcs, orcs are goblins. It's all the same in Tolkien-ese, and Sting should've glowed.
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DolbyDigital writes:
Can Orcs walk on walls to? If not, there's one difference. Another is they were all chuckling kind of uniquely like those coyotes in Who Framed Roger Rabbit that couldnt stop laughin. But still i thought Uruk-Hai were supposed to be supperior, in Return of the king that one Orc (or Golbin, or Jackals, or whatever the hell you want to call him) kicks some of those Uruk-Hai's asses. Either way Uruk-Hai's are a sickening display cuase there huge, there buff, there scary, but none of them could fight if there life depended on it except that one guy shootin arrows into Boromir's chest. Overkill by arrows. If Orcs can walk on walls, maybe Uruk-Hai can to? Did they stress that the battle of helms deep contained nothing but fighting Uruk-Hai? It would of been more productive to send Goblins, they could of just ran up the walls. When i write stories, or screenplays or scripts in my spare time....i never run into problems like this lol. If Goblin's The Encyclopedia of Arda is true, then Goblin's are small orcs. But i personally think that's kinda stupid, Goblins should be Goblins, Orcs should be Orcs and Urak-Hai...well they gotta be able to fight alittle bit better then that. UNLESS!!!!! all the big big orcs you see in Mordor arent Uruk-Hai...but i kinda doubt that. With the way Uruk-Hai fight, give me a shield, a sword and a bottle of water and i'll kick all there asses and guarntee atleast twice as many kills then Legolas. Gandalf seems to have alot of abilities that arent put to good use. What can he do when he's Gandalf the grey besides light fireworks, make light out of a rock and make puff a ship out of smoke? By the way he should of just made his light on his stick really bright so the goblins would run away. When your fighting for your life, yah gotta get creative.
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Jennifer writes:
I think that they are Golbins, because if you remember, when they first enter the Mines, Legolas picks up and arrow and says "Goblins!" so there are obviously Gobins as well as Orcs.
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DolbyDigital writes:
Oh yea what about in Return Of The King, the captain leading the orcs is pink. What kind of Orc is he, his face is busting at the seems. His Co-Captain or whatever guy with the scar goin across his face, he looks pretty unique compared to the others to.
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ElPatoDiceCuaCua writes:
Sure, Sting glows when evil is near, but I dont think Frodo needs a sword to tell him that evil is near when its staring him in the face.
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Melody writes:
I thought it was glowing. Maybe I missed it. Anyway, you are right that the movie rocked.
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Recoil writes:
I may be wrong, but I believe those were not orcs, but goblins,etc. I remember in the book that they were "NOT" orcs..... Anyone remember what they were supposed to be?
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Arien writes:
I'm pretty sure that they were surronded my goblins not by orcs...those two are different. Goblins are all the smaller ones.
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Mongoose writes:
If I'm not mistaken, the second time they were surrounded it was goblins, not orcs.
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