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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Fake Hobbit
When Arwen enters the water after being chased by the Ringwraiths, as she turns the horse, you can clearly see the fake hobbit (representing an injured Frodo), bounce up and down like a rubber band
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-12-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Gobrianna writes:
I'd like to see how steady you are half dead on the back of a moving horse. ^_^;;
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Jennifer writes:
Stacy - not to start an arguement or anything, but I didn't say that they COULDN'T make him look smaller, I was simply stating that they couldn't have the "real" Elijah on the horse in that scene, just like they wouldn't have had the "real" Liv either. It's easier to have a stunt woman and a dummy because you can't see his face anyway. They wouldn't really let Eliah and Liv ride along at that speed on a horse in the woods now, would they?
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Jennifer writes:
Of course it's a dummy - Elijah Wood couldn't have done that, because he, of course, is not that small in real life. They couldn't have got a child to do that either because it would have been too dangerous. So what other option have you got if you don't use a dummy? Anyway, the bouncing wasn't THAT obvious...
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Cosmic writes:
I believe Gandalf added horses and rocks to the flow of the river in the books. In the movie, they modified the story as it was a good way to introduce Arwen and Aragorn's relationship (and Arwen herself of course). They have adapted the story to the movie, so the books aren't that great a resource for acurate movie information. I know the books are the actual story, but in terms of the movie they are different.
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Defiex writes:
Gimly, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin all have doubles. Little people doubles that is. Throughout all three films there were stand-ins by these fellows for shots where the hobbits needed to be smaller. The first example of this is when Gandalf arrives in the beginning of Fellowship. The Frodo standing on the ledge looking down at Gandalf is the small double. Later, when the Party is paddling down the river, Frodo's little double was in the boat. There are more examples, but I won't bore you with the list here. Have fun and watch the dvd specials! Very interesting, if not tedious to get through.
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RĂ³in Mithrilcryer writes:
That's probably because they *did* use a hobbit puppet for that scene. Hey, what do you want them to do - Elijah Wood is bigger than the average hobbit, and that's spoil the effect ;) I saw this one too, it's less obvious if you're not paying attention to the fact that you know it's a doll.
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lemon17 writes:
Other people are correct in saying that they used a dummy for Frodo, but wrong in saying that Liv Tyler didn't ride. If you watch the actor's commentary on the extended version, she talks about the wierd noises the animatronic Frodo made. The bouncing of the dummy isn't a mistake. If you've ever ridden a horse even at a ridiculously slow pace, you bounce around. Obviously if you're racing at a high speed you're going to move a lot.
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cmldave writes:
If you really have any questions about what they used in the movies, watch all the special features and commentaries on the extended version DVDs -- they explain just about everything. Liv and Elijah did ride in some scenes...on a rig made to look like a horse (for closeups). The rig was attached to a vehicle. Liv's riding double's name is Jane Abbott (sp?) and the Frodo in the wide scenes was a puppet, but a lot of the other actors (Viggo, Orlando, Karl Urban, etc.) did a lot of their own stunts. Most of the actors that rode on horseback became quite accomplished at it, and Viggo became an accomplished swordsman. Again I say, if you want a definite answer watch ALL of the special features and commentaries.
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Alli writes:
Sorry to disappoint you Moonbaby but in the book(which I have right here) the Fellowship gets attacked by orcs and then Gorfindel tells him to go and get out of there and Frodo doesn't really listen and Gorfindel tells the horse to ride on to the Ford of Bruinen(Noro Lim! Noro Lim Asfaloth!). Then he's ALONE when he reaches the Ford and then he tells the Ringwraiths to go away and then they start to cross the river and thats when Elrond and Gandalf make the river flood.(It says so in the book when Frodo asks Gandalf what happened when he wakes up.) So I guess you haven't read the book in a long time or you just misunderstood it. And about the real slip up, Asfaloth(wonder where they got that name!) was trotting and if you've ever been on a horse, when you trot you sort of bounce up and down a lot! That explains why he was bouncing up and down. And another was a double. Plus, if you were on a horse and nearly dead do you think you would have the strength to not bounce around?? So both of you...check your facts. Believe me, I've seen Fellowship of the Ring 5 times and am going to see it a 6th tonight and I've also read the books about 100 times so... I know what I'm talking about!
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Deetmonn!!! writes:
Okay EVERYBODY, if you didn't know they use stund doubles so actors don't get hurt. The only actor in the movie who did his own stunts was Viggo Mortenez who played Aragorn. Plus YOu know how they make ELijah Wood, Sean Astin, ect. ( all the hobbits) look shorter in some shots, well they shoot the scene and then they take it to a computer and minimize it. They make adjustments that make the person look shorter! Goodness, trust me i have read the books and seen the movie like a million times!!! JUST WATCH THE MOVIE ,you shouldn't be looking for mess ups you should be watching the movie!!!!! Chrissy
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dking writes:
yes, ok. elija is a big bloke, all throught the films, they super imposed him smaller. or did somit to make him smaller, i dont know. anyway. you cant realy do this technique of "smallness" wilst riding a horse! we use a dummy
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Mr McMurphy writes:
If you've ever tried to ride a horse pillion then you'd understand why a dummy was used. But it bounces about throughout every scene where they are riding...
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Legolasisabeau writes:
First of all, Glorfindel did not command the waves that saved Frodo in the book. Elrond and Gandalf both helped save Frodo from Rivendell. Secondly, the rest of the Hobbits, Strider and Glorfindel were still left behind in the book because they gave the white horse to Frodo so he could ride away from the Ringwraiths. The rest of them were left to walk on their feet and cross the river on their own. However, it is true that in the book Arwen doesn't show up until Frodo is actually in Rivendell.
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Stacy writes:
Well, Jennifer, you have to remember something. In real life, Elijah is only about 5'4 because I met him and he was only an inch taller than me and I'm 5'3 so that's how I figured out his height and Liv Tyler is about 5'9 so that automatically makes her bigger than Elijah. So they didn't have to worry too much about the height thing with them but to make him look even shorter they could of just used a certain camera angle. It's just like when they shot the scene where Gandalf and Frodo were sitting in the cart together at the beginning of the movie. They set Elijah further back then Sir Ian and they shot from Sir Ian's side for like, the whole time to make it look like Elijah was in fact only about 4'. So you can't say that they couldn't make him look smaller. Cuz they did.
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Lealii writes:
Actually, it was the real Elijah and Liv. I read an interview that said that the actors had to learn how to ride to be able to do that scene and others. Elijah was bouncing up and down because he was supposed to be almost dead by then. He probably looked smaller because he was slumped down or something. And they weren't going that fast, the horse was trotting most of the time and cantering a little. It just had a fast trot so it looked a lot faster then it really was.
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MoonBaby writes:
I have something to say about this scene because it made me really mad. In the book, Frodo isn't rescued by Arwen it's by a male Elf named Glorfindel and he doesn't even really rescue him. He comes upon them in a field and guides to Rivendell. The whole river thing though is true, but again it's not the work of Arwen, but Glorfindel. He does the whole magic thing and the whole Fellowship is together when they cross the river.
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MinasNazgul writes:
Elrond invoked the flood, and Gandalf tipped the waves with fire or something like that.
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