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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Look, Shoes!
Most of the time the hobbits are barefoot, but when Frodo and Sam are first walking through the fields, Frodo's leg come above long-grass level and his shoe is clearly visible.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-12-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dance_little_jeanne writes:
Just to add to my last comment...since I know for sure now :)...the hobbits wore prosthetic feet (I know I spelled that wrong) that they had to wear at all times in case their feet were accidentally caught on camera. I read an interview with Elijah Wood and he said they would beg Peter Jackson to let them go without the feet but they were told no way. So I think it was just your imagination :)
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Satine writes:
Hobbits have hairy feet. He's not wearing a shoe, they wouldn't be that dumb
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dance_little_jeanne writes:
I'm pretty sure than the guys playing the hobbits didn't wear shoes during the filming because I saw an interview with Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) and he said that he'd been barefoot and stepped on a stick that cut his foot I'm fairly sure they were barefoot.
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King Me, the Great writes:
Dance_little_jeanne actually spelt 'prosthetic' correctly. Just thought I'd mention it!!! ---KMeTG
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xXhannah_bananaXx writes:
first of all, if you watch one of the special features from the extended version, Peter Jackson says that he made the hobbits wear the feet every day they would be filmed. And it says they counted how many days they wore them but their feet weren't even in the shot. It was something like 200 days or something. second of all, who the hell cares if its a shoe or his foot anyway? (but its clearly just the hair on his prosthetic foot, along with his shadow)
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Narrikk writes:
On the commentary, Sean Astin said that on fifty separate days of filming, they had to put on the prosthetic feet and there weren't any shots of their feet on camera, so I wouldn't be surprised if Peter Jackson actually did make them wear the feet all the time. As for the snow shot, it was filmed in a studio with a blue/green/whatever screen. That's also in the commentary - apparently it was really warm in there.
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Betsey writes:
I zoomed in on his feet and it could have been shoes, but it's much more likely that it was the hobbit's hairy feet.
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violin writes:
I have not seen the scene you are talking about, but i know that the actors wore 'shoes' when they were not filming, because when the prosthetic feet got wet they stunk and the glue melted. Mabye the shoes on because they thought their feet would not be seen.
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dking writes:
so? the feet are not meant to be seen, u saw a shoe, so? we need protection sometimes
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Gobrianna writes:
I think I know the scene this slipup is talking about. The green field scene right after Sam and Frodo cross the waterfall after Gandalf gallops off to find Saruman. It's a hard camera angle to be sure about, and Frodo's legs only come up above the grass for split-seconds, but it does appear his feet are a darker shade than his legs. This might be shoes, but it might be just shadow or dirt on the prosthetic feet. I can't imagine Jackson would make the Hobbit actors ALWAYS wear the fake feet, if their feet wouldn't be visible to the camera. What about the snow scenes? Then again, maybe I'm wrong and Jackson's a slave driver. LOL.
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Fallen Angel writes:
If he really was wearing a shoe then they probably didn't put the prosthetic feet on that day because it was such a pain to do and the feet probably weren't going to be seen. Just a thought
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MinasNazgul writes:
Hobbits are always barefoot, they don't need shoes because of the thick hair and rubbery soles on their large. In the movie the actors wore large(and rather ugly) slippers to cover their feet.
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