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American Pie - Who?
In the credits of the movie where it gets to the people who play the garage band, we all know it is the guys from Blink 182. Well they said that Scott Raynor was in it. Scott was the original drummer of the band. The person in the movie was the new drummer Travis Barker. Ouch that hurt.
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Contributed By: asylrecht on 01-26-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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freak992 writes:
I just want to say thanx to you, asylrecht, for noticing that too. The guys from blink 182 are awesome and I'm glad someone else pays attention to details like that too.
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kristin629384 writes:
I just wanted to say thanks for noticing that too! Poor Travis, he's my fave member of the band, I was upset he wasn't credited!
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Ronny writes:
What makes it even dumber, I think, is that the song credits correctly identify Mutt as being written by Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker - That's really stupid...perhaps it's 'cause Travis doesn't talk too much and the credit people didn't learn his name.
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R@T writes:
Any real Blink 182 fan would have noticed this and realized that they were right in crediting Scott and not Travis. I wouldn't say it's a slip-up at all.
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blinkidink writes:
Travis is my favorite member of the band, too. It's disappointing that they didn't get it right. You'd think they would've known his name when asking them to make an appearance in the movie. I'm shy too, and I think it would've bothered me if they didn't get my name right. But, Travis seems to be a carefree dude. So, he probably doesn't care. Everybody that it matters to knows the credits are wrong. Hey kristin629384, I like the name before all the numbers (it's mine, too. Spelled the same an everything.)
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simon456 writes:
Scott was still part of the band when American Pie was filmed. He left shortly after, my guess is that the directors just forgot.
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Kaetq writes:
Actually, that's not the slipup. They put Travis as the computer nerd when in fact it was Scott(who was still in the band at the time of filming) who was at the computer.
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Jess writes:
Actually, someone mentioned that Scott Raynor was there and Travis Barker was the computer geek. That is VERY incorrect. Being a HUGE Blink fan, I know what Scott Raynor looks like. He was not in that movie and he was not part of Blink at that time. He ended his time with Blink right after Dude Ranch in 1998. The movie was shot right after he left, and when Enema of the State was being created and Travis Barker came in.
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Jess writes:
Kaetq, That is not Scott Raynor at the computer. I am a HUGE Blink 182 fan and I know for a fact that is NOT Scott. He is not in that movie, but Travis is.
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caveman237111 writes:
First of all, Travis Barker WAS in American Pie. His role was uncredited. Second, the computer nerd was played by a guy named Travis Aimer.
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asylrecht writes:
Some of your comments are so misinformed it's not funny. Why would they be right in crediting Scott (being a former band member) when he wasn't in the movie? Travis was in the movie, and should have been credited. For those of you saying he was the guy at the computer, read the credits again. From IMDB: Daniel Spink - Guy with Monkey (as Danny Spink) was the guy at the computer. Travis Aimer was the nerd locked up in his room surrounded by computers, not the guy in the room with the garage band. IMDB also noted that Travis Barker is in the movie (uncredited), so this is a slipup.
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Ross F. Aimer writes:
caveman237111 is quiet correct! The Computer Nerd was played by my number two son Travis Cody Aimer. See for information and pix for Travis Cody. Note: About a year after the original American Pie became a hit Travis who was then a Sr. at Dana Point, California's South Orange County School of Arts became the victim of a near fatal accident caused by a female driver under the influence of drugs. He came very close losing his life and was in intensive care unit for several months. He missed auditioning for the sequel to the American Pie and consequently lost interest in acting. He is however an accomplished guitar player and the lead vocalist of a rock band called Forgotten Arrival aka Second Chance. Ironically Travis Barker is one his favorite musicians and a mentor! I hope this clears some of the confusion. Ross Aimer
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