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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - A Horse?
When traveling after Rivendell, the fellowship is shown from several diffrent views, never showing a horse. Then, just before entering Moria, they remove a saddle from one and state that, "A mine is no place for a horse."
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-12-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Katerwaul writes:
That would be Bill the pony. I heard this slip-up a while back, and it made sense to me. You don't really notice Bill until the Gates of Moria. But he IS there the whole time. When I saw the film again, I checked each scene. He's a little hard to spot in some shots, but he's with them in every scene after Bree.
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Nevyn522 writes:
At several points the horse is shown being led. As they're leading Rivendell the horse is towards the back of the group as they come over a bridge. Every subsequent scene likewise shows it. In the cheesy slowmo shot when the Fellowship passes between two rocks coming up over a hill the horse (Bill, if I remember correctly) is being led by Samwise Gamgee.
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Satine writes:
Yeah they do, it's Bill!
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Jennifer writes:
Where are you looking exactly? You can see the horse all the time! Even when they are on top of Caradhras and Saruman tries to bring down the mountain. Do you really think they would be that stupid and forget to have him in all the scenes he's in?
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SaVaGe Ecstasy writes:
I am afraid you are wrong. I am watching it right now, and in fact the horse (Bill, as named by Sam) is shown in every single shot, including their trek in the mountains, at the campsite (where they hide from Saruman's crows) -- it is tethered behind and to the left of the rock Gandalf is sitting on when Gimli says something to the effect that "it feels like we are taking the long route." The horse is not clearly shown in each and every shot, but it is there somewhere every single time. :) :P
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Daffodil writes:
First of all, there are many breeds of large ponies that are bigger than some breeds of small horses. Not all ponies are small or child-sized creatures. And some breeds of horses are smaller than an average sized pony. It's not so much their size that matters, but more their build-ponies are generally smaller, but mostly stockier. I've grown up and worked with them all my life. Second, If you look on the left of the screen when the hobbits are walking through the town to the inn, you can see Bill in a corral with a few other horses and ponies. It's unmistakably him, because of the white blaze on his face. After that, Sam is seen leading Bill through the hills when they are on their way to Rivendell, before the ringwraiths attack and stab Frodo.
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mr no it all____sometimes writes:
The horse is always at the back of the fellowship, being led by Sam. At some angles it is hard to see, but he's there. Also most the shots of Sam always show him up close, and holding a strap. That strap is connected to the horse(also known as Bill, in the book).
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Megaccino writes:
No, not true. You see the horse a few times, being lead when they're on the mountain.
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Eurisko writes:
The horse was there, with the fellowship, in all their travels. Until, as you said, they released him outside the Mines of Moria. Fields, hills, valleys, snow-covered mountains, the horse was with them. Sometimes it was just a little hard to pick him out.
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Ally writes:
Bill the pony was an important part of the book because of Sam's friendship with him. He is shown in many scenes during the movie before Moria. His full story isn't shown in the movie which is why he just seems to appear out of nowhere but he was there, but just not important enough to notice by those who didn't read the book. If the other two movies follow the books, maybe his story will be clearer.
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Earendil3 writes:
Actually, upon another viewing you will find that Bill the pony is quite present from Bree up until Moria. He is there when they leave Rivendell (led by Sam). You can especially see him when the fellowship travels up the mountain with the dramatic music playing in the background. Bill is also there through the snow avalanche. He is finally released at the gates of Moria. He's small, so sometimes it's hard to find him. Better look again.
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pb writes:
Does anyone know what the most common industrial use for a pony was in England? (pulling carts in mines)
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Durhai writes:
I assume you have never read the books. In making the movie they left out a lot of tiny details and this horse, Bill?, was one of them. They got Bill from the Inn keeper, I believe, while they were in Bree. Although, in the movie they make it seemt that the horse is from Rivendale. I agree that it is kind of confusing but note that they do show a horse when they are walking on the snow covered mountain during the aerial shot.
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geekmom writes:
The pony is there! I looked carefully the second time I saw this film and Bill the pony is in almost every scene after Rivendell up until they enter Moria. You just have to look closely in the background.
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ric writes:
First of all they say "A mine is no place for a pony" not a horse. (Go with me here, I've seem the movie 6 times) When they are on the bridge, the pony is not with them because they are still in Rivendell, not yet on the quest. And when they are going over the rocks, it is with them then and with them at the mine.
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RĂ³in Mithrilcryer writes:
Bill the pony *is* shown - right after they live Rivendell, they cross a bridge and you can see Sam leading him. However, you're right that the horse is missing from most of the shots of the Fellowship before they reach Moria.
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Betsey writes:
I watched in every scene and Bill (the horse) IS there. I even zoomed in on the ones that were really far away and sure enough a little blob bigger than all the others which I would assume was Bill was there.
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Casey writes:
If you look in the scene "The Ring goes South", when the Fellowship just leaves Rivendell, Sam is leading the Bill the pony. If you had read the book, you would know that Bill was Bill Ferny's pony from Bree, and that Bill(the pony) made it all the way back to Bree after they let him free. And, if you would have listened to the movie's dailogue better, you sould have known that the pony's name was Bill, because when they let him go, Sam says "Buh-bye Bill".
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Kristy writes:
Bill the Pony is in the book and in the movie. you can't catch him a lot in the movie. but he's in the book, there's a whole thing about him in it's not technically a slip-up
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Pasha ToH writes:
Bill is in every scene... even as they leave Bree, when the hobbits talk of 2nd breakfast... they reload their gear on the pony, Sam pats his nose and leads him as they begin to walk.
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AMishDJ writes:
These comments are mostly if not completly off topic. This is a disscussion on whether or not this slip up is indeed a slip up. So please keep from posting off topic.
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Veronica writes:
They said "A mine is no place for a pony", not a horse. If it were a horse it would be a lot taller than the hobbits, and they even said before that it was a pony.
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fuzzyferret writes:
I believe that earlier in the movie, when you see the Fellowship walking on some mountain or hill, you also see the horse(?). It's actually supposed to be a pony, named Bill, that Sam bought in Bree. Several times during the movie, it is there, and then isn't there.
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Zee writes:
Bill, the pony was from the book, they got him from 'The Prancing Pony' inn along with a few other ponies. They didn't show this in the movie however, so I guess it is a slip up. They must have wanted to follow the book closely but forgotten about the pony.
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Jenelle writes:
Bill! That's Bill the horse! He had a big role in the book; they cut out all of his scenes for the movie, except for his exiting one!
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Recoil writes:
If you read the book (It's MUCH better than the movie). Bill travels with them through the journey (until they get to the mines). Sam takes quite a love for Bill, and doesn't want to get rid of him.
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MoonBaby writes:
One thing that the books don't tell is how they got the horse. His name is Bill and the got him in Bree when the Hobbits met Strider. The movies are good and all but they leave out parts from the books. For instance, when the fellowship fights the Orcs at the end on Amon Hen, the sword that Strider has is the sword from the beginning of the movie, the one that was broken. I feel that this was a vital part that they left out because it helps to understand how the third book is named Return of the King. Also they left out a part where the Hobbits are traveling through the forest and meet a man named Tom Bombadil who assist them in the forest. I can't remember if the movie showed Bilbo giving Sting (the sword) to Frodo. Oh well. They are good movies any ways.
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