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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - Power Lines
When Frodo looks into the Mirror of Galadriel in Lothlorien, it shows what would happen if he failed. When it shows some hills in the background, you can see high tension power lines in the background.
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Special Requirements: Eyes
Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-08-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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SaVaGe Ecstasy writes:
There are 2 shots you could be talking about. One comes before the sequence with Sam being whipped by an orc, and the other near the end of it (just after the shot of a water mill). Although it is understandable that you thought this, both of these shots are blurry and i can't count this as a valid slip-up. In the first such shot they could be buildings, towers, etc., and in the second shot they actually look kind of like trees. In neither case do you see cables running between the suspect structures, so i dont think i am going to agree with you on this one.
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me writes:
these are just chimney pot. if you look in the nest shot it's exactly the same thing just on fire and you can see the chimney's really well
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Betsey writes:
I didn't see any powerlines, except for something that looked more like a ladder. That would make more sense than powerlines.
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wally122 writes:
dp431; This may come of a surprise to you, but in New Zealand we do have powerlines, infact high tension powerlines run the length of the country. Also, were not in the middle of nowhere, we are as close to the equator as spain or california and our time runs between 18 - 21 hours earlier than that of the continential USA.
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dp431 writes:
Ok, Filming this,they are in the middle of New Zealand! They are in the middle of no where! Why would there be power lines there? I think Peter Jackson would have thought about this!
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Gobrianna writes:
It is pretty blurry, as someone mentioned. I see two scenes that you might be talking about. One near the beginning with fire and smoke, which I think are two thin chimneys of the two houses in the background, not power lines. The last scene shows a burnt and dead land with some scattered dead trees that kinda look like power lines. Or maybe they really are something built by the evil taking over the Shire that resemble power lines. I guess we'll find out in the third movie. ^_^
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emericaman writes:
Alright this message is about SAM'S message. SAM you really need to stop watching tv and movies and go spend some time in a libray. Thomas Edison is not the inventor of electricity nor the light bulb but got the credit for the invention of the light bulb. Electricity was never invented it was only discovered and that happened back in 600bc. And also electrical lines were not setup here then introduced to Europe, it was the other way around where it started in germany and italy then introduced to the rest of the world. And about the slipup in the movie yeah they are hard to see but you gotta take some time and look just over the horizon and youll see the blurry shape of it. So i hope that helped you and Sam i hope youll pick up a book some day.
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mr no it all____sometimes writes:
No, you can't.
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blackfork writes:
Are you sure this is an accident? I mean the power lines certainly weren't featured in the Mirror as it is described in the book, but the rest of the movie features much...creative interpretation. I think the power lines were probably intentional and suggest that Frodo's failure (and thus, the virus-like spreading of the evil of Mordor) might eventually lead to something that mimics our current state of affairs...a social commentary, if you will. I think they're there to reward the more observant and scrupulous viewers and I think it's great. A much more appropriate addition than all those ridiculous scenes with Arwen...
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Ashlei writes:
He is seeing Middle-Earth become industrialized. Why wouldn't there be power-lines?
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