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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - A Car?
When Frodo and Sam are walking through farmer Maggot's field, they show an over-view of this. This is set in Middle-Earth, although there is a modern day car is seen in the background of the shot.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Here is the first picture Here is the second picture Here is the third picture.  Try watching it in a slideshow or movie you can see the car moving
Here is the first picture Here is the second picture Here is the third picture. Try watching it in a slideshow or movie you can see the car moving
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Special Requirements: eyes.
Contributed By: Agent Starling on 01-08-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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bhamv writes:
This slipup takes place right after the scene where Sam says "This is the farthest I've ever been from home." The car and the trail of dust it produces is visible in the top-right part of the screen. Hope that helps.
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Beka writes:
Actually, this is an egg. It's supposed to be there, Peter Jackson puts in a car at odd places in all his movies.
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ernsumrgrl22 writes:
I read an article on the car slip up ... and Peter Jackson was asked this & he answered "We actually didn't know about the car until we were cutting the movie. The smoke (from the exhaust) and dust wasn't so bad because there was already lots of it around, but the bloody windshield was reflecting the sun back into the camera lens. So we erased it for the DVD. I think some people were upset because they tried to show it to their friends and it was gone."
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sam writes:
The car is seen in the top right corner of the screen. It's when Frodo and Sam are standing next to the scarecrow ans Sam says 'one more step and this will be the farthest away from home I've ever been'.
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Lestat writes:
Wouldnt you feel strange if it WAS a car, and YOU were the driver?
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Pie is good writes:
Nevermind. My bad. It turns out they fixed this in the DVD. You can actually see the background jitter where they covered over the car. I thought what everyone was refering to was the chimney to the far right.
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Tom C. writes:
Ok the car is in the movie. It was there in the original screening. it is not however an egg if it was then why did Peter Jackson edit it out of the dvd. Think about it, use your brain.
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Gobrianna writes:
Using the old rewind-so-many-times-my-eyes-are-going-to-fall-out trick, I think it's quite obvious what the plume of smoke is. It puffs out at regular intervals, unlike a steady stream of dust made by a moving car, so I think it's safe to say it's either an 18-wheeler standing still or a house with a chimny tucked below the rise, so all you can see is the smoke rising up! It does appear to be moving a little, but not enough to actually be in motion. I think it's just the wind blowing the smoke around. That's my two cents anyway.
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TwinkieRabbit writes:
I can't see a car in these pictures. The smoke could be from wind blowing on the dirt road or from a house (like a couple of you have said.)
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She Ra writes:
Yes, the car can clearly be seen when Frodo and Samwise pause at the edge of the field, saying that if they go any further they'll be out of the shire. If you direct your attention to the top right-hand corner of the screen (behind the scarecrow) you can clearly see a car driving from right to left in the background.
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Betsey writes:
When I saw it, it looked like it could be a shelter with a chimney. It would make sense, since that's where Farmer Maggot lives. But everybody is saying that it's a car that was put there on purpose, so I'm not sure.
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mkardec writes:
It's there. For those who can't find it, in the scene when the hobitts are running through the crop, you must search near (not very near) the top right corner, just left to a clearly visible white smoke plume. My mate also noticed it and confirmed my sight. The speed at which it is moving and the shape revealed by the sunshine is a clear "signature" of a car. If it's not, then the producers should have removed this effect because it shows the shape of car.
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paintball writes:
It's only visable in the widescreen version. I've seen both versions and i cant find it on full screen.
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Tom C. writes:
The reason you can't see the car in your movie is because it was edited out of the dvd and video. There was an interview with Peter Jackson in Newsweek or something like that. In the interview the reporter used information from this web site to ask Peter about the misstakes. Don't you all feel honored now for contributing to a major news article.
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mumsie007 writes:
It's a touch of the 'King's new clothes syndrome' somebody said 'oh look it's a car!' and nearly every body else said 'YES!' You can clearly see if you look properly it's the sun shining off a house roof and smoke coming from a chimney, blowing a little in the wind. No way is it a car moving. Human beings are very good at seeing what they expect to see, even when it is not there.
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Sammy G writes:
i really don't see it. at first, i thought i saw a glare, but no. and it is not an egg. besides, i've visited the area where this sequence was filmed in Matamata, on the Alexander Farm, where the set of Hobbiton was constructed. the area where that little scene takes place is not far at all (which makes Sam a liar since he just went about 500 metres at the most), just across the lake where Hobbiton and the party tree and field are, a relatively small area. the specific area where the supposed car is located was not accessible for the cast to film on or go to. so, peter jackson couldn't have purposely put a car there as the area that you see Sam and Frodo walking in was the end of the area that the crew had. so, to sum it all up: firstly, it could be a car, but my personal guess is no. secondly, if it was there, it isn't an "egg" or placed there on purpose as someone had theorized; they weren't allowed on that part of the private property. OR it could be someone driving the road back to the main town. again, not purposely put there.
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Sebulba writes:
I think the reason nobody can acctually see the car or have a hard time seeing it is 'cuz it ain't there! Watch the Director & Writer's commentary on the Extended DVD. Peter Jackson said, basically, that he knew that lots of people were saying they saw a car but, he personally, had never seen it.
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Mongo42 writes:
Yes, the car is there, and no it was not there on purpose. During the scene where Sam is telling Frodo that if he takes one more step... There are two wide shots during the scene. In the second one there may be seen, along the very top of the frame, a car, trailing a plume of dust in it's wake.
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Pie is good writes:
I have the widescreen DVD of this film and have paused zoomed into the little smoke cloud and played this over and over and I can gaurantee that this is not a car. It is just a house which might I add can also produce smoke if it has a chimney. And if you're going to argue and say that the smoke is moving it just so happens that wind exists in middle earth too. The object does not look like a car whatsoever. And just so everyone knows I am fifteen don't have a job and school is currently out so yes I do have alot of time on my hands and no I don't have anything better to do.
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MightyZombie writes:
I wish to point out that the car itself it not incredibly visible nor is it even readily apparent. In said scene, the plume of dust and dirt from what could only be a car can be seen moving through the upper-left corner of the shot. The plume is too thick, too steady, and too fast to be anything but a car, and plus i think if you look really closely you can see a small abject at the base of the plume which is, more than likely, a car.
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Joe writes:
I also think it's just a chimney puffing smoke, with the widescreen vcr version you can actually see the chimney underneath so I can't understand how it can be mistaken for a car! I have the extended vcr version so maybe it was edited from this version as well.
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ElPatoDiceCuaCua writes:
I looked at this scene in super slow motion, and I don't think that it's a car. In the extended version, when Sam and Frodo are walking out, they pass a small house thing that had hills and large trees behind it, and smoke was coming out of the chimney. Now when the two are by the scarecrow, the "car" is next to hills and large trees, plus I didn't see it moving. Also, the grownd looks too grassy to create that much dust.
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thegrimreaper writes:
i zoomed in and used slow motion. there is no car in there anywhere. it is a chimmney. if you look closely you can see it is the wind carrying the smoke and thats why it looks like a moving car.
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SaVaGe Ecstasy writes:
I am sorry, but no. You are mistaken. I am watching it right now (got a screening copy of the dvd), and there is nothing in the background. You can see a cornfield, some low trees and shrubs at the back right, trees at the back left, and a sharp drop with lots of big boulders at the bottom left (the hobbits soon fall down this cliff). The hobbits are in the foreground, and for some reason the pursuing farmer is not in this shot -- but there are no cars or modern accessories of any sort visible at all.
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Cam writes:
I looked, but I can't find it! Where on the screen is it?
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