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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring - A Sticker?
In the scene where Strider throws the apple at Frodo, the apple's sticker is still on it, as if it was just bought from a store.
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Contributed By: Agent Starling on 01-08-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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mr no it all____sometimes writes:
Aragorn doesn't even throw an apple at Frodo! He throws one first to Merry,THEN to Pipin. Not Frodo. And second of all, I've seen the movie four times, and do you really think that it was a real apple? It was probably a prop(which would be much lighter), instead of a real apple, that way when Pipin gets hit in the head, it wouldn't hurt. So do you think that whoever it was in charge of props would have put a sticker on it? NO.
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Gobrianna writes:
I rewound again and again, but I just can't see the sticker. The apples both go so fast and are blurry with speed, they being thrown and all. How can you be sure it's not just a light spot on the apple or a reflecting of light? Can you be more specific about spotting the sticker? I'd like to see it! ^_^
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Quipper writes:
Someone asked Ian McKellen this same question regarding a car that was visible in one screen in the far far background and an apple. See this link: He said, "You are not alone in spotting these "flaws" which to you are insignificant but to me (and most people I suspect) nigh invisible. I wonder if Peter Jackson and his editors also lack your eagle eyes. More likely he decided that, at least on one viewing, the car etc would be overlooked by the average cinema-goer. I'll look out for it next time I see the movie."
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Peregrin writes:
Just thought you'd want to know, he throws the apples to Merry and Pippin. The first one goes to Merry, and the other hits Pip in the head. Not Frodo. Just thought you'd want to know.
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norpax writes:
At that time in middle-earth, due to the rising incidence of stealing, merchants now adapted the precaution of pasting(with edible paste) labels on their merchandise. While waiting for the hobbits at the inn/pub, Aragorn remembered the incredible appetite of such creatures and decided to purchase the cheapest provisions to ensure quantity, in this case, apples.
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Betsey writes:
Aragorn does not throw the apple at Frodo, he throws it at Merry and Pippin. I have it on DVD looked at this particular clip in slow motion and did not see any sticker. The only thing I saw that you could get it mixed up with was the apple was shiney, and maybe the glaze could have confused people.
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Cosmic writes:
The apple Aragorn throws does not have a sticker. In the extended DVD, I listened to the commentary and he remembers this rumor. As the apple flies past the camera, the apple is blurred and it is impossible to make out any detail on it, much less a sticker. Merry gives the apple that he caught to Pippin. His hand's below the camera, but he goes through all the motions of giving an apple to someone... that's why Pippin already has an apple in his hand.
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thegrimreaper writes:
First of all he did not throw the apple at frodo he threw it at merry and pippin. It was the light reflecting I rewind and zoomed and its just a reflection.
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laura writes:
Norpax : please tell me you're joking...thats awful. Btw, if you arent - why the hell would Aragorn wander off into the wood (in which there was probably an apple tree) just to throw back some apples...surely he'd just give them the apples whilst he was with them and then walk off with them rather than leaving them?? well whatever
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BlarogSlayer writes:
I looked at the DVD in HD one day and the apple does not have a sticker I zoomed in on it and yes there is a small white looking spot on it, but there is not a sticker.
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Lestat writes:
Who says that apples in Middle Earth dont have labels? (I personally see no label though, and am confused how people can pay so much attention to a piece of fruit!)
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