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Simpsons - Two Identical Portraits of George Washington
In the Episode where the town is celebrating Jebidiah Springfield's day, the next day after Lisa dreams about George Washington, she is sitting at schools and is triggered by the picture (with the bottom torn out) of him on the wall. She then runs out of class and to the curator's office. She explains her discovery while pointing at the picture of George Washington with the exact same part torn out as the one in the classroom.
Also at the beginning there is a blue outline of Marge Simpson on the wall of the curator's office.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-24-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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CartoonieJay writes:
You guys are HOPELESS! If you actually watched the episode, you will see Jebediah Springfield stand on the painting, and a piece is torn off onto his shoe. If the original is missing a piece, then obviously all the copies will be missing it too!
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PepsiOne writes:
Actually, the original portrait was complete, but during a fire in the White House (because of a war {War of 1812}) the President (James Madison) and his wife Dolley had to flee. Before they did, Dolley saved a few important National Artifacts. She saved a copy of the Declaration of Independence, along with a few pictures. (The portrait of George Washington being one of them.) She had to tear all of the pictures out of their frame. When she did this to Washington's portrait she ripped a small portion of it off.
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Trivimaster writes:
Who's Joe?
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dickey writes:
Actually, every portrait of George Washington like that is missing the bottom half. For some reason the painter never finished the portrait. And since all the other ones would be copies...
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jaeffe writes:
I don't know where PepsiOne got that, but it sounds like the episode of the Simpsons where Jebediah Springfield is really a pirate. He tries to kill Washington and steps on the painting and rips off the bottom part. The painting was not ripped, it really wasn't finished! The official story is that the painter, Gilbert Stuart, was an alcoholic. When Martha Washington commissioned the painting, she wanted it in a specific amount of time. Stuart got the idea of making a whole bunch of copies of the painting to sell, to pay off his debts. He didn't finish off the painting because that way he could tell Mrs. Washington, "Sorry, it's not finished.". That way he could keep making copies at his own pace. He never did finish painting the picture, and never sold enough copies to pay off his debts. I think Mrs. Washington finally got the painting, though, after he died.
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AmiMizuno writes:
Joe, they were talking about the real story of the actual painting. You're just a moron.
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Stefanie writes:
Well the Marge outline is not Marge. It was supposed to be one from Jebidiah's time so it is most likely an outline of one of marge's relatives from that time.
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littlekiddo23 writes:
If it's the pic of Washington I think you're talking about...the one on the one dollar was done by Gilbert Stuart...he had palsy...and it took him a long time to steady his hand to make one dab on the canvas....Washington got tired of sitting...and so the portait is unfinished.
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redsox02 writes:
Yeah, he's a moron (not Jay)
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Freezy writes:
I think he meant to say Jay.
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