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Matrix, The - Magic Wall, and Other Matrix Slipups
1. Watch very closely when Neo starts fighting the Agent in the subway. When the Agent punches the wall above Neo, watch very closely. When Neo's back is to the camera, look at the pillar that the agent punches, in the exact location of where he punches. There you see break away marks!!!
2. (Hint) When they show the "Matrix Code" it is just a combination of numbers, and reversed Japanese characers.
3. (confirmation) Yes i think it's a error when they show the pillars when the bomb is going off, simply because if a bomb was going downward, it'z blast would be going down, throuh the floor, but instead, the bomb blast is level. It is a simple fact of what us "Living" Humans call gravity
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Contributed By: SlaserX on 01-21-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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TRiNiTY writes:
RE #2. How is this a slip up? The fact that the Matrix code is comprised of numbers and Katakana symbols from the Japanese language is obviously intentional. The Wachowski Brothers based many aspects of this movie on that of the Japanese culture, including Japanime/Anime, Japanese comics and Japanese/Asian fighting sequences. In addition to this, keep in mind the immense technological developments which spawn from Japan, and this technological reference to the movies plot line. Quite an obvious choice to use Katakana if you ask me.
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The Caj writes:
Re: #3 Your explanation of the explosion is mistaken. Just because an explosive device is travelling in a certain direction does not mean that the explosion's force will travel in that direction as well. The force of an explosion travels in all directions at once, and follows the path of least resistance. In this case, the force of the explosion in such a small space blew off the doors of the elevator, then the explosive energy follwed the path of least resistance (the open doorway) and out into the hall/lobby. Also, if you look closely b4 Neo and Trinity get into the elevator, the pillars infront of the elevator are undamaged, only the pillars towards the front of the lobby (farther away from the elevator) are the only ones that have suffered any damage. Then in the slo-mo of the explosion, you will see the damaged pillars just before the explosions speeds back up to real time.
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C-Mike writes:
Remember Morphius did mention that gravity works different in the matrix than in the real world? Watch the scene where he trains Neo in combat.
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Deschain writes:
Um, wouldn't the force of the explosion just follow the path of least resistance...meaning that (probably) aluminum elevator doors offer less resistance than, say, marble walls? After all, we don't get the chance to see the effect on the second, third, and so on floors. Could be the same result, or worse, there.
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I don't remember exactly so I'll have to go and check but I think when the elevator with the bomb goes off you hear the dinging of the elevator reaching that floor first. If the bomb is just sitting there for a split second wouldn't it have exploded out?
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jonp writes:
During the scene where Neo is fighting the agent in the subway, Neo does a back flip from the tracks. If you watch carefully you can see the wire he is holding on to in his left hand at the end of his flip. Looks like someone forgot to edit it out.
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