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Momento - What Number Was That Again?
Well, you have to watch or have already seen the movie to catch this. It's really weird because the movie plays backwards. Like, the stuff that happened today would be the first thing you see, and the event that happened two months ago leading up to today would be the last thing you see. Throughout the movie, the guy gets tattoos so that he doesn't forget what has happened. He has to do this because he has a condition that doesn't allow him to make new memories. So he gets these tattoos, and they are numbered 1-6. So near the end of the movie, which is really the beginning of all the events, he gets another tattoo, and it is tattoo number six. But since the movie plays backwards and that was really the beginning of all the events, it should have been number one.
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Contributed By: BBBlyt on 01-17-2002 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mnemosyne writes:
First of all the, proper name of this movie is "Memento". It's true that throughout the movie, the main character (Leonard Shelby) is seen talking on the phone and giving himself tatoos during black and white scenes. If you pay attention, you'll figure out that these scenes are sort of flashbacks. During the last black and white scene, it becomes color and Leonard proceeds to get the "Fact 6" tattoo. I hope this helps!
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flowerfeet writes:
Although this movie does take more than one viewing to understand, you are missing an important point. Our friend (with Teddy's help) has already killed the man responsible for his wife's death. In fact, Teddy has tricked him into killing others in the guise that this is his wife's killer. All the tattoos that he has up to the point of when the movie starts (when he kills Natalie's boyfriend) are numbered 1-5. These are relevant clues that he has picked up before. He gets so mad at Teddy for revealing the truth to him (that his quest is already over) that he purposely writes Teddy's license number down knowing full well that this will eventually lead him to kill his "friend". #6 tattoo is therefore the red herring of the movie. It's put there to lead us in the right direction, but for the wrong reason.
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Angel writes:
Actually, Mnemosyne is only half right. The black and white scenes are not flasbacks, but they are actually the beginning of the story. See, the black and white scenes go from the beginning of the story to the middle, and the color scenes go from the end of the story to the middle. So, the end of the movie is actually the middle of the story. If you were to watch the all of the black and white scenes from the beginning of the movie to the end, and then the color scenes from the end to the beginning, then you would have the whole story in chronological order. So this isn't a blooper, and the scenes aren't flashbacks.
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