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Vampires - People Go Back to Normal
Someone said that when the big bad leader vampire was killed all of the townies would turn human again . . how come then mr. baldwin and the hooker stay vampires? The lead character said he was going to hunt them down.
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Special Requirements: Vampires
Contributed By: Burak : LiveC00l on 01-18-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Scolman writes:
According to legend, you can be saved by killing the vampire that got you before you start to transform. The hooker was well into the transformation so she was gone, and Montoya was too late to save since she bit him a couple of days before.
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Farley Flavors writes:
I tend to disagree with the rules. Anyone who knows typical vampires would agree with the garlic and the cross not being viable. Just check out Interview with the Vampire, Blade, or Vampire:Masquerade (Computer Game). The common vampire would not be some creature that can turn into bats, or mists. The cross has lost it's affect these days. Garlic is simply an old European tradition. Otherwise the stake and sunlight would still be the same. Although the idea of a master vampire is highly dubious.
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King Me, the Great writes:
Crow was checking her teeth to see how far gone into vampirism she was, not to see if she had turned completely. He knew she had been bitten, and that she was turning, but she could also survive in the sunlight. Why not check how long she has to go? --KMeTG
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Du Nomad writes:
As for the "slip up" . . . there are so many different vampire legends from so many cultures, many "mix ups" with other creatures of legend (usually werewolves) and even more "Hollywoodisms", that you can hardly fault someone for not portraying the legends accurately. Most legends say that in order to become a vampire you need to not only be bitten and drained to the point of death, but that you must then drink a vampire's blood . . . but in this movie, all it took was being bitten. I also just had to laugh at how Woods' character, the so-called vampire expert, kept checking the hooker's teeth to see if she had changed . . . at high noon, outside, in the desert . . .
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