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N*sync - You Forgot to Mention Us!
I was at the N*sync concert this June at the Giant's stadium in New Jersey. A lot of people were there...some from NYC, New York state, Philly, and Connecticut. Of course however, the majority was New Jersey Blood.
Well, When the boys came out.. they screamed "How Is Everyone Doing Tonight?!"
And you know every girl is screaming.
Then they ask.. How are my New York People?! .. and everyone from NY screams...
"How 'bout My city girls from NY and Philly?!"
and all those girls scream too.
Then they go... And what about my connecticut people?!
And like 1% of the stadium screams...
Yet.. they NEVER asked how the New Jersey girls were.... They even left the stadium saying " Good Night New York!!"
Um.... you're in NEW JERSEY!!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-14-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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James writes:
New Jersey not that "insignificant" It houses many casino's that are owned by las vegas casino owners, making it also the secound largest gambling spot in america. It hold the Miss America Pagent every year, which im sure you all watch. AND it has the most people per square mile! so thiers obviously people populating it. and i bet you didn't know this, the statue of liberty is actully owned by New Jersey, it sits on liberty island which is in New Jerseys territory.
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Gracey Poo writes:
also to add with what lildandylion was saying, there is a band called My Chemical Romance from NJ, they are an "emo" band. Teens listen to them, so some adults might not know who they are... but I love 'em
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suga² writes:
Um...well...even though you think that New Jersey is insignifigant, they still should have mentioned them. They were actually IN New Jersey. If they went to some tiny little town nobody lived, they should STILL mention the city they ARE IN!
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sugar5961 writes:
I think that was really messed up for Nsync! I think it was disrespectful mostly. If they are in New Jersey and hollaring to New Yorkers, What the heck is that about?
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zoso dude writes:
I am a fan of metal. That's why I don't like Nsync. I am a guy. Another reason I don't like Nsync. I get annoyed when people do something that stupid. A new reason I don't like Nsync.
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lildaisylion writes:
I beg to differ with you. New Jersey is not as insignificant as you might believe. It is home to such performers as Bruce Springsteen, Saves the Day, Midtown, Ensign, and Bon Jovi (just to name a few). It has major venues in Camden, Asbury Park, and in the Meadowlands. In addition, it is one of the more populated states in the US -- to not acknowledge the audience members from NJ was a definite slip-up and insult.
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zoso dude writes:
I'm from Vermont. I bet they don't know where Vermont is. They would say something like "Good Night Wyoming!".
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Liz writes:
Well lets take a gander at who plays in Giant's Stadium ... the NEW YORK Giants! Not the New Jersey Giants ... So of course they are going to give props to NY ... Anyone notice how NY has two professional NFL teams (Giants and Jets) and NJ doesn't have any? Wonder why? Why build a stadium in beautiful NY when we can just use Jersey ... Jersey is the armpit of America ... I wouldn't have mentioned it either ... And as for the "venues" in Jersey (Asbury Park) it's kinda run down ... I mean if they fixed it up to how it used to be, it would be great but right now it's like an abandoned parking lot ... I must say though that the PNC Bank Arts center is Amazing ... Kudos to that! ...
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