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WWF No Mercy - Loud Mouth
In the cage match between X-Pac and Y2J You can clearly hear Jericho tell X-Pac to go up to the top soon. Right after he said that X-pac climbed to the top of the cage.
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Special Requirements: Copy of No Mercy 2000
Contributed By: The Game on 10-23-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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The Game writes:
I know that they tell each other what to do through out the match, but they're supposed to be professionals. They should know how to do it quietly, so the cameras can't pick it up.
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yoda22278 writes:
If you listen closely, you can hear these types of things all the time. From the refs saying, "Time to go home, guys" (meaning, "End the match now."), to the wrestlers calling spots. The loudest one I ever heard was HHH telling The Big Show, "Side-slam, Paul!" After that, sure enough, The Big Show pulled off a side-slam on HHH. Another thing you may want to watch for is the sign for a reversal. Whenever a reversal is about to happen (during an Irish Whip), the wrestler initially doing the tossing will slap the back of the other guy, signaling a reversal.
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huero_grande writes:
Like it was stated these guys are professionals but in a match between Y2J and HHH, HHH hit Y2J with a sledge hammer to the face and Y2J went down to the mat and as he did he dropped the blood capsule and the camera got a clear view of Y2J popping the capsule in his mouth and as soon as he got back up there was the blood pouring from his mouth. You can also catch the wrestlers that are "hurt" checking the Jumbotron to see when the other wrestler is getting into place so they can continue.
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K-Krys writes:
I wouldn't consider this a slip-up. It happens all the time, so what if you could hear it on camera, I think it's kind of cool, when you can hear them calling the spots. Give the guys a break, they were in a cage match. Don't be so critical of every mistake these sports-entertainers make. They do what they to to entertain us; their audience.
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Danny Boy writes:
Also, ages ago, when shamrock was annoyed with his sister Ryan (I forget why)he said "slap me" to her. she then slapped him. What a surprise.
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