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Sixth Sense, The - Not Too Cold
Why is it that the air gets cold when the dead are around, but whenever Malcolm Crowe(Bruce Willis) is around Cole, there is no cold air?? He's dead.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-26-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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smiley378 writes:
When Cole sees the dead family hanging in the school, he tells Malcome that one way to tell if dead people are there is when it gets cold. He said that it gets cold when they are mad. Appearantly Malcome is not mad until the end of the movie when he realizes that he is dead.
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Steve writes:
Smiley is absolutely correct. Cole TELLS the viewer that it only gets cold when the dead are angry. However, Malcolm must have been angry in a earlier scene when he visits his wife after she is already asleep. Remember that as he watchs her sleep she gets a chill and pulls the blanket up over her shoulder to warm her as Malcolm is standing near.
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~*~*GaLaXygiRL~*~* writes:
also, we are seeing the movie through malcom's eyes... and he doesn't know he is dead, until the very end... and that is when it gets cold. then we can see his breath because HE can, remember we're watching through HIS eyes.... remember... "they don't know that they're dead, they only see what they want to see"
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Chaise writes:
Ali...If you hadn't seen the movie, then why are you looking at the slip-ups? And even if you were looking just for curiosity, you should of heard by now this movie has a HUGE twist ending, and should of avoided it.
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Joe writes:
Good point Steve- it just goes to show how many times the writers and directors went over and reread and re-reread the script, making everything just as it would be if it were true. This slip-up is not very good, as it has been disproven with the simple line saying, "It gets cold when they're angry."
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HighHat writes:
All of the above comments are correct. See the director's comments on the special edition of the DVD for more info.
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emttwl writes: only gets cold when they are angry however at the end his wife has her breath showing because Malcolm was scared fear and anger can go hand in hand he wasnt really angrey but frightened at his discovery. This slip-up is bogus. It said clearly in the film that humans only feel cold when the ghost is angry.
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SpEcIeS-UnKnOwN? writes:
Don't bother checking for slip-ups if you haven't even seen the movie. Simple.
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kate writes:
Yes they are all right, but if you get it on VHS and watch the after word it states that you can't see his breath because Malcolm isn't mad. Not a very good slip-up, sorry buddy.
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dolphin writes:
The reason there isn't any cold air is because he character that Bruce Willis plays is dead but he doesn't want to believe it so he doesn't see it!!!!!
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LuckyGirl writes:
If you've ever seen the special edition DVD or movie, it has rules and clues at the end. It says in there, you can't see your breath around him because he's not mad.
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my2cities writes:
The comment from Cole that "they don't see each other, don't know they're dead... etc" relates to Malcolm all the way, you just don't realize it until the very end of the movie. It gets cold at the end for Anna because he is just then realizing that he, in fact, is dead-not that he's angry.
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Lasher writes:
At the end of the video tape it explains all the "Rules and Clues" that were used to make the movie. It explains it all in detail and is very well thougt out.
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normaster writes:
I don't think he was necessarily mad at the end when his wife got cold, but he definitely would have been emotionall out-of-whack... Once he put all the pieces together in his head, he accepted it OK, but I think it was a major case of emotional confusion.
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Jim writes:
Ali, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you came to this website, and specifically this page, don't moan about someone giving away any part of the plot. This site, as is very apparent by it's name, is about mistakes of the movie's plot and film-making.
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Regina writes:
my2cities-it's not that he realizes that he's dead cuz the other dead people who show themselves to cole don't realize it and it still gets cold
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RowdyruffBoy writes:
Regina... they probably would realise that they're dead when they have ropes around their necks, and that noone can see them, and when they see their families at their funerals... Yep.. good call with the whole "cold when it's angry" thing. And it got cold for her at the beginning because the guy was like "OMG i think she's CHEATING ON ME...."
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Jake writes:
Well when a dead person realizes no one can see them or hear them and they get mad i guess thats when you have a poltergiest
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Jimmy McTyler writes:
the only time that it gets cold is when the ghosts get mad. Watch the movie again, and you will see that. They told you that at the end of the movie!
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Stacky2003 writes:
The reason you never see the breath is if you get the DVD version it shows in the special features part that he didn't know he was dead and so he was never mad about it. He was worried or stressed b/c of his wife but he was never mad, breath.
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bryan writes:
You didn't listen to the movie. It only gets cold when the ghost are angry or upset. Thats why it was never cold when Bruce was around.
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Jessica writes:
Normaster, of course he's mad! Wouldn't you be, to find out you were dead and you would never again be able to talk to your loved ones and family? He's upset that he will never talk to his wife and that she hasn't been able to see him for awhile now. Why would you think he wasnt mad or angry? It would be a frustrating situation!
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babyiceangel writes:
If you have the DVD version, they explain that...the cold air is for only when they are mad/angry...throughout the movie Malcolm is happy. at the end his wife breathes cold air when he is there, but look at how mad he is while he finds out he's dead. It's set up that way on purpose, not accidentally.
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Ali writes:
Thanks guys, way to ruin the movie for everyone who hasn't seen it yet! I think the script was so clever anyway that there's not any sort of slip up in it. In fact I didn't even know that Bruce Willis WAS a ghost until right at the end of the film, when everyone else could've guessed it because I missed the line where Cole says "I see people who don't even know they're dead"
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