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Bible - God, in His Infinite Wisdom Decides to Drown Some Fish
While, many translations of the Bible have found this mistake and thrown it out, I have come across several copies with the following in them:
God, in his infinite wisdom decides to drown some fish (because they are of course violent and corrupt fish). This is what is says (quote) in Genesis 6:07.
"And the Lord said, I do bring a flood to destroy man whom I have created from the face of the Earth; both man of the Earth, beasts of the land, the fowls of the air, the great whales of the sea, the fish of the water and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth".
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Contributed By: Dolphyn on 10-08-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Monti writes:
The verse does not say "drown" fish, it says destroy them. The flood created a lot of debris in the water, and laid down huge amounts of new soil. This would have suffocated any fish trapped at the bottom, and the currents would have dragged them down. No slipups here.
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Dreyfuss writes:
One possible explanation (and I admit that this is quite a stretch) is that saltwater fish will die if exposed to fresh water. So if it rained in sufficient quantities to raise the sea level so that even the highest mountains were covered, the salinity of the oceans would be drastically reduced. Thus, the saltwater fish would perish.
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Mr. Music writes:
I'm not a scientist, but I believe fish can drown, in a way. They don't breathe water, but filter oxygen out of the water. This of course requires the presence of oxygen in the water. Most of this oxygen is put there by small plants, specifically plankton. So then following this logic, in order for fish to live there must be plants in the water. Sun light is essential for and plant to live. If it rained for forty days and nights, then most, if not all, of these plants would have died. Subsequently, there would be too little oxygen in the water, and the fish could have suffocated, or drowned. The seeds of these plants, however, would not be effected. Seeds of many plants can remain dormant for long periods of time until conditions are favorable for them to grow again. Therefore, the plants would thrive after the flood, and all the fish not on the ark could have died.
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Ceara writes:
I am inclined to agree. If you see any footage of a flood or have experienced one, you will see that the water is quite brown. Imagine the effects of rain for 40 days and nights and how much soil, etc, not to mention the dead bodies of the rest of the earth's creatures, it would stir up. Certainly not a pretty sight, any creature still left alive would not be able to survive all of this for much longer.
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Staightenit writes:
Where do you see fish? My Genesis 6:7 verse says... And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.
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S writes:
All explanations being given, I would like to see what the Hebrew says. I doubt destroy and drown are the same Hebrew word.
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Ofui writes:
Well, a check of all twenty-three different translations of the Bible at shows that none of them mention fish in this verse.
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Mr_Sexyfun writes:
Just to clarify for you. You CAN down a fish. All you have to do is pull on there rear fins and make them swim backwards. The water fills their gills and they can't breathe. This is exactly why fish don't swim backwards.
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beeth writes:
I just want to know what versions of the bible are you reading? I can't find it in either the NLT or the NKJV bibles.
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~skippy~ writes:
If you read the authorized King James Translation, it says nothing about the fish. This is the true Bible! Believe it!
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sirjohnpoe writes:
All I can say is you are reading a translation that you alone have. In fact your quote says nothing about drowning fish. Fish live in water, this is why Noah was not instructed to take them. Have you ever considered asking a biblical scholar your question instead of showing your ignorance?
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omigosh writes:
Humans aren't perfect. You and the translator for that verse are human. Therefore, you and the translator aren't perfect. However, God is absoulutely perfect. Trust me, He is. Or rather, trust God!
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Lungruff writes:
I have to agree with the previous statements about soil and decay in the water. One also has to remember that we're talking about a relatively primitive culture, trying to convey total annihilation in one sentence. I'm sure a modern scholar of Hebrew could find a more verbose way of saying it, but for its purpose, what's in the bible is fine.
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Laura writes:
I have to agree that it didn't say drown the fish, it said destroy them. I'm sure fish can certainly be destroyed by water just like any other creature can. Keep in mind also, that this flood was the worst one that's ever happened, it was worldwide, not like most floods we have today.
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superg writes:
You also have to remember that the Bible has been translated several times. There are word in Hebrew that are very often confused with other words, or one word can mean two different things. It's VERY common. Just watch the History Channel or the Discovery Channel.
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TwinkieRabbit writes:
THERE ARE NO SLIP-UPS IN THE BIBLE!!!!! It is what God told men to write down. And He doesn't make mistakes.
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Angle writes:
Stop posting Bible slip ups. They don't exist. You have to understand that there are many languages, and they are translated. This could make some errors, but there is not ever a REAL slip up.
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