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Tomb Raider: The Movie - Wow.. That's a Pretty Big Bruise
If you watch closely in the scenes where Angelina Jolie has to go into the water a lot, there appears to be a huge bruise on her shoulder.. I didn't get it at first, but then I remembered that she had the Billy Bob tattoo on her arm right there, and that that was the makeup smearing! It's hilarious if you watch it, because it looks like she has this huge black bruise!
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Here's that
Here's that "bruise."
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Special Requirements: you need to see the movie, and also it'd be nice if you watched for the water scenes
Contributed By: Jessica on 10-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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FREAK5_25_89 writes:
It's not hilarious. And besides, you could see it in every scene that she wearing short sleeves.And even if it were funny, it still wouldn't be a slip up. They were obviously trying everything they could to hide it. It's the same thing w/ her boobs. You can completely that they're fake.
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Slv3rDragn writes:
Good job. It's almost a "beneficial" slip-up, though, because the producers could just say she'd been bruised in action or whatever. Oh, also, the Billy Bob tattoo is on her left shoulder to those of you looking for the slip-up in the movie, so you know where to look.
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Salem writes:
Angelina Jolie's breasts are not fake. Go watch Gia, which is another movie of hers, just not very well known. She is naked several times in this movie, and her breasts are the same size now as they were then. I don't recall seeing any scars when I saw Gia, besides, being female, I kind of know what fake breasts look like.
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Sway999 writes:
Salem, if you've seen some of the many interviews Angelina Jolie has given, she repeatedly has said she had alot of padding put into her bra for bigger breasts, she has also said that for Tomb Raider 2 she doesn't want to have so much padding because she doesn't think Lara should have such big breasts (just an FYI!)
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Jeremy writes:
Hey, Salem. Angelina's breasts in this movie are too fake. She even said so in an interview. You may be a woman, but I am a HUGE Angelina Jolie fan. If you don't believe me, just watch the sequel "The Cradle of Life," where her breasts have been reduced (because in this film, she wasn't padded).
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nomad762 writes:
I'm not sure that this should really be considered a "slip-up". Considering how physical the character of Lara Croft is, it's not unreasonable to believe that she would quite frequently have bruises on various parts of her body.
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