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Sixth Sense, The - Under the Bed
In the scene where Cole is in the little girl's bedroom waiting to talk to her ghost, before she grabs his ankles from under the bed, you can clearly see the dustruffle move 2 to 3 times before she suddenly grabs him.
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Special Requirements: in movie theatres
Contributed By: VideoChick on 08-26-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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HighHat writes:
How is this a slipup? You can see her hair because she is SUPPOSED to be under the bed.
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WildCherryMommy writes:
OK, I think that it does not matter if her hair was seen moving. It did not take away from the scene. Most people are so caught up in the suspense of the scene that they don't notice. Also I think that some people might have noticed it sub-cautiously and it made it even more suspenseful. I don't think it is a slip up because when he sees these ghosts they look as real to him as a living person, we too are seeing things from his point of view. SO, if the ghost was present under the bed then obviously we can see her move under the bed, because that fits in with reality. I think If we did not see her and then she was all of a sudden there then that would have been a slip up. I think that to cover up the fact that she is there would have made it unreal. Sure it was not pointed out exactly but they were smart not to edit it. Some people who are watching and see movement and not realize they did are going to react even better.
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Czarveillance writes:
We are supposed to see her because we do see her. No one ever said we aren't supposed to see her before she reaches out.
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Bigeye writes:
Give it a rest. How many people honestly did not expect her in that bedroom. The audience may or may not have been intended to see the hair, but it makes no difference to the movie.
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lando writes:
It isn't the dustruffle you see moving, it's the girls long hair hanging down and visible under the bed.
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lost_in_brain writes:
If you think about it, seeing the girl actually makes the scene more suspenseful since you wonder what she's gonna do!
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outside-the-circle-guy writes:
I'm sorry guys, but this is not a slip-up. It doesn't matter whether or not you see it, because if you don't you're surprised and if you do you're like "oh my god what is that???" and you're surprised anyways, so it works either way.
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defroth writes:
This was a great scene. I noticed the hair when I first saw it. I would of rather not seen her hair but what do you expect, a smurf to pop out?
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my2cities writes:
In the girl's bedroom before Kyra grabs Cole's leg, it is indeed her hair hanging down. Still it's not that big of a deal in a movie. Slow Mo with a DVD to see it better.
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Tony writes:
When I slowed the speed down, I saw it, but when it plays at normal speed it isn't very visible, so you don't notice it.
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Regina writes:
no, ur not supposed to see her, cuz since u do see her u know that she's going pop out on him. the point of her under the bed is for no one to suspect her to be in the room and make u jump when she does pop out
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Dave writes:
It is a slipup because your are not supposed to see her.
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