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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Pain or No Pain?
When Harry Potter goes to the Leaky Cauldron on his birthday with Hagrid, he shakes hands with Professor Quirrell, and there is no problem there. Near the end of the book when Quirrell grabs Harry, both Quirrell and Harry are in pain. Harry's scar hurts, and Quirrell's hands hurt. Whenever Quirrell touched Harry's bare skin, he was in pain. I do not know about you, but I cannot think of any explanation about this.
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Contributed By: Blondiegurl85 on 08-22-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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portbabe writes:
Yeah I thought about this too, but did you also notice that in the leaky cauldron, Professor Quirell didn't has his turban on either? That meant that Voldemort wasn't sharing his body with him yet. Voldemort was the one who couldn't touch Harry, not the professor, and they only reason he couldn't at the end was because Voldemort was part of him. It's cool though, I thought the same thing at first.
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maranou writes:
I don't believe you people!! Harry and Professor Quirrell did not actually shake hands in the Pub. Harry held out his hand, but Quirrell did not take it. Honestly!
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Da da da da da86 writes:
This is NOT A SLIP-UP! Listen up: The movie is NOT the book. Read the book and you'll find that Quirrell does indeed shake Harry's hand. There is also no mention of a turban until the first day of school, which is when Harry first notices it. Voldemort only netered Quirrell's body AFTER he tried to get the Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone. Quirrell even said that Voldemort began to keep a closer watch after he failed. To those who said that Quirrell didn't shake hands, turn off your VCR and open a book.
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trunks27 writes:
In the last chapter, Quirell tells Harry that after he failed to get the stone from Gringots, Voldemort decided to keep a closer watch on him. This explains why Voldemort wasn't with Quirell in Diagon Alley because Quirell hadn't tried to steal the stone yet.
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Alicia Bishop writes:
This would be because He-who-must-not-be-named didn't share Quirrell's body until After He fails to steal the stone. The daily prophet says that The vault had been emptied EARLIER that day. Therefore,You-know-who was not into body sharing yet.
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HaRrYpOtTeRjUnKy writes:
Quirrell DOES take Harry's Hand! Page 55 (British Paperback)"P-P-Potter,' stammered Professor Quirrel, grasping Harry's hand" Check your sources people.
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Godric writes:
In Goblet of Fire, Voldemort states that AFTER Quirrell tried to steal the stone but failed, he 'decided to keep a closer watch on him' so went to Hogwarts with him. But in the movie, Harry enters the Leaky Cauldron with Hagrid to meet Quirrell, who not only is wearing a turban, but refuses to shake Harry's hand. Another point, why didn't Harry's scar hurt him when he goes near Quirrell in classes. In GoF Dumbledore explains to Cornelius Fudge that Harry's scar hurts him "whenever Lord Voldemort is close-by or feeling particularly murderous"!
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ChaserChick writes:
Okay, it took me a couple reads, but I think I can answer this for you. :) Before the end of GoF, Voldemort could not touch Harry (or vice versa) without both of them being in excruciating pain. In the first book, Voldemort was still without a body, he was occupying Professor Quirell's body when he needed to. So, when Harry and Professor Quirell shook hands in the Leaky Cauldron, Voldemort wasn't occupying Professor Quirell's body, and they were able to have normal, physical contact. And at the end, when Voldemort was in Quirell, he had retained that attribute of being unable to touch Harry, and it was taking it's toll of the both of them. :)
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Marian Witham writes:
Ummmm, in my copy says Harry holds out his hand to Quirrel, and Quirell pulls his hand away, avoiding shaking hands with Harry. It says this in both my hard and soft cover copies, and I think our NZ ones are the same as the british.
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jason's hon writes:
in the beginning of the book quirrell is not wearing the turban and at the end of the book he is underneath the turban is voledomort so when harry shook quirrell's hand in the beginning of the book he was not near voldomort so of course his scar would not hurt unlike at the end of the book =)
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Nina writes:
It never mentions in my book, American, if Quirrell was wearing gloves or a turban. But in MY book, the AMERICAN version, on page 126, 2nd or 3rd paragraph, depends on how you count them. Harry felt the pain and saw Sanpe looking past Quirrell's turban who was talking to him. THe turban was FACING Harry so Lord Voldemort was probaly looking at Harry or something.
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Ryochan writes:
It wasn't a cold day, because it was the middle of July. As for the whole touch/don't touch thing, Voldemort couldn't touch Harry because of the protection that Harry's mother gave to him before she died. The reason Voldemort can touch him in the end of GoF is because Harry's blood was used in his rejuvenation so they share the protection, although it doesn't matter because the only one it would work on was Voldemort. I thought it was rather straight-forward.
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Cedrica writes:
I would regard this as a aslip up...unless future books explained that some sort of evil intent was needed to feel the pain. I did notice that they repaired this blunder in the movie. Harry extends his hand to Professor Quirrel and he goes on to his 'fascinating subject' line, while staring at Harry's hand (but not shaking it), as if afraid to touch him.
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Zev writes:
At the time they met in the Leaky Couldron, Professor Quirrell had NOT been posessed by Voldemort, and so was free to shake Harry's hand. Quirrell says to Harry later on in the book that Voldemort decided to keep a closer eye on him, and that's when he posesses his body.
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jennimiki writes:
According to the HP Lexicon, "Voldemort did not possess Quirrell until after he met Harry in the Leaky Cauldron in the book, so he shakes Harry's hand and suffers no ill effects. In the film, Quirrell is shown wearing the turban already in the Leaky Cauldron and he pointedly avoids shaking hands with Harry. This is also incorrect."
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Juash writes:
I have a question. Why is there talk about movie slipups also? This is clearly the BOOK section of the website.
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Ryanm2005 writes:
Didn't Fred or George tell Harry that there was a rumor that Professor Quirrel had garlic in his turban to keep the vampires away. This would have been from a previous year at Hogwarts, because Harry had said something about him to them before they got to the school, or too early to have met him. If he didn't have Voldemort on his head until after the Gringotts issue (and after he met Harry), then why would people say that he had garlic in his turban, if he wouldn't have been wearing it?
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Ok, I have several different copies of the books (American, British, Canadian, Australian, NZ, and Russian) and in each one of them, they either say that Quirrell shook his hand, or he didn't. What I think is, depending on which version of the book you are reading, he does or he doesn't shake Harry's hand. It all depends on what version of the book you are reading.
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~*Blondie*~ writes:
I think Lpeachgirl is right, Quirrel didn't get burned because he wasn't trying to hurt Harry. (ps in the movie Quirrel is wearing the turban in the Leaky Cauldron but that's the movie, it doesn't stay true to the book all the time)
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Liv writes:
Well, in the movie Quirell just smiles politely, he does not touch him, and he is wearing his turban, both in the book and in the film...!?
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Liz writes:
Okay, I just watched the movie and Harry does NOT shake hands with Quirrel in the movie. Also, Quirrel's turban is on in the pub. So Voldemort could possibly have been there, although Harry's scar wouldve hurt, but Quirrel did not want to shake hands with Harry. So it's a little confusing. Maybe Quirrel was scared of Potter then, and then later on Voldemort attached himself to Quirrel.
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PImpernelPippin writes:
If Voldemort was sharing Quirrill's body (which I would be inclined to say he wasn't, but I'm not positive), Harry would have only been in pain if Quirrill was facing the right way (that would be with his back to Harry, so that Voldemort was 'facing' him). In any case, no way would Quirrill let anyone, even famous Harry Potter, touch him. Remember? He's afraid of his own subject. He wouldn't risk contamination from a possible dark wizard, even an adorable eleven year old one with glasses.
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astin writes:
in one of the books voldemort says he was in a forign country when a man came upon him and he saw a chance to use him. if this is so then voldemort must have been with querrill, it would have been very hard after meeting harry to get to voldemort then back to hogwarts in tome for classes.
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Zordy writes:
Now, I noticed this too. But that doesn't mean I agree. See, it was the Unicorn Blood that made him blister up. It said that unicorn blood would save you from death, but emit you with a curse for life. Also, Voldemort was not with him. Voldemort was another reason, because Voldemort could not touch Harry because of his mother's love.
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Krycek writes:
Quirrell didn't actually shake Harry's hand at the beginning. Harry offered it, but Quirrell didn't take it.
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Chad writes:
If Voldemort wasn't possessing Professor Quirrel's body then why would he be after the Sorcerrr's Stone in the first place. And in book 4 when Voldemort tells his story he says he had all but lost hope when Professor Quirrel showed up in Albania. I think its just a slip-up.
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Lpeachgirl writes:
It didn't effect him because he wasn't trying to hurt Harry then. He was just shaking hands, not trying to choke him or anything like in the end. Or it could be that the protection left by his mother hadn't come into effect or arisen yet. Or something like that.
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Blondie writes:
If you remember in the end of the first book, Professor Quirrell says something about, "Who would suspect p-poor st-stuttering P-Professor Quirrel?" And at the beginning of the book, Professor Quirrell is stuttering and seems so nervous around Harry. Which means Quirrell would only stutter when Voldemort had become part of him (under the turban). Therefore, Voldemort must have been under Quirrell's turban at the time that Quirrell and Harry meet and shake hands. But why didn't either of them feel pain when they shook hands?
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myself writes:
Have you ever thought that it might be a cold day when Harry meets Quirrell? Where does it say that Quirrell isn't wearing gloves? It only pains him to touch Harry when he makes contact with his bare skin.
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